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Mainstream universe
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Further notes
Alex Wesker
Actor silhouette - Female
Biographical information
Occupation:Umbrella researcher (-2006)

Head of Project W (-1998)

Physical description
First appearance:Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
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Alex Wesker was the twelfth of thirteen candidates for Project W, an early Umbrella program to create a "superior race of humans", to quote CEO Oswell E. Spencer. At present, it is unknown if she was infected with the Prototype Virus. If so, then she may have been bestowed with abilities not unlike Albert.


"You'll be pleased to hear that all experiments are running smoothly."
— Alex, to Spencer

Alex was raised on the orders of Lord Oswell E. Spencer to become one of a superior breed of humans in his eugenics program.[1][2] The project involved the abduction of a number of children thought to be of "superior" DNA. The children would then be given the surname Wesker, in honor of the project's head researcher.[2] Alex made a report on Project W on 28 August 1998, which states that before Albert Wesker faked his death, the project was at a 94% rate of success, but after the news of his death, the project went down to just 18%.[3]

Research on the Immortality Virus (2006)

In Spencer's view, Alex was also one of his "loyal" remaining children that he had at his side.[1] The brightest of them all, in Spencer's view and words, "so adept at absorbing the talents of others simply by observing them."[4] Alex was conducting experiments on an island in the Southern Ocean for Spencer,[4] where they researched and studied a virus in order to find the secret of immortality for him.[1][2][5] Out of all odds, Alex accomplished this feat, but betrayed Spencer by disappearing and taking the results.[6]

Kafka and the island (2011)

By 2011, Alex was in charge of the Penal Colony in the island to which Claire Redfield, Moira Burton and other TerraSave members were abducted to. While Claire and Moira tried to escape, she taunted them over the PA system, while quoting various works of Franz Kafka.


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