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Assignment: Ada
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Game:Resident Evil 4
Ada Wong
of stages:
Method of
Complete the main game

"Mission Objective: Collect 5 Plaga Samples and head towards the rendevous checkpoint!"
— Mission Objective stated at the start of the mission.

Assignment: Ada, also known as Ada the Spy in some regions, is a minigame featured in Resident Evil 4 after completing the game.

Gameplay Edit

The game begins where Ada first goes onto the island. She must find five samples of the Las Plagas parasite, that are scattered across the island. They all are also guarded by Ganado, who attempt to kill the player. Some Gatling Men appear in some parts. Jack Krauser, is the boss after collecting all the samples. He randomly attacks the player while walking down a walk way around the building where Leon contacts for a helicopter. This minigame is not technically canon to the Resident Evil 4 storyline, as Ada never wears a military uniform. She only wears a red dress and only found one sample of the Plaga parasite. However, it is interesting to note that the final scene in the minigame has one of the biggest allusions to Resident Evil 5 in the game, where Albert Wesker talks about "Significant changes in our world."

Tips Edit

  • In the original Gamecube version, Ada has no knife, so try and conserve ammo, and to open multiple crates, line it up and shoot them in one bullet from the Punisher.
    • However, Ada does possess a knife in the Wii version and the subsequent releases of Resident Evil 4.
  • Ada doesn't have a lot of health, so try to take out enemies before they strike you and always have a health item on you.
  • Try to not get carried away with the Punisher's high rate of fire.
  • Single-fire the TMP when possible to conserve ammo.
  • Using The TMP full-auto is best saved to be used against shielded militia in close range, or multiple enemies, due to its high fire rate and high bullet consumption.
  • Ada's melee attacks, Fan Kick and Back Kick, are particularly useful, due to your lack of a knife, and need to conserve ammo.
  • Try to avoid Gatling Mans whenever possible. They're relatively easy to flank in most presented situations, and not worth wasting ammo over, unless you are in dire need of a First Aid Spray or a Hand Grenade.
  • Krauser is really easy to beat if you do this correctly. When he appears, dodge his attacks and run to the door you originally came from. Then equip your sniper rifle. Reenter the room where Krauser is. He will charge at you from the far end of the walkway, using his plaga arm as a shield. Try and snipe his knees before he reaches you. if you do, when he staggers, try and shoot either his head or upper chest. Repeat that until he reaches you. Just before he reaches you, re-enter that door again, reload and re-enter Krauser's room again. He spawns at the very end of the catwalk. Repeat what's above until he's dead. Grenades are more risky, due to their range, but also work well too if you can time it right. On the Wii, Xbox Live and PSN versions, due this same tactic, but try knifing him when he drops to his knee. This is very useful in speed running, as it only takes a few knifes to defeat him.
  • Discard the Scope for the Semi-Auto Sniper since it's basically useless, this might help when collecting Plaga Samples since you need them in your Attach Case.
  • After the fight with Krauser, just discard everything except the Plaga Samples. If you can't, pick up the last plaga samples since there are no more enemies after this point.

Starting Loadout Edit

  • Punisher Handgun
    • Stats:
    • Firepower: Lvl:6/6 (1.9)
    • Firing Speed: Lvl:3/3 (0.33)
    • Reload Speed: Lvl:2/3 (1.47)
    • Capacity: Lvl:4/6 (20)
    • Special: This 9mm handgun will blast a hole through two enemies!
  • TMP
    • Stats:
    • Firepower: Lvl:6/6 (1.2)
    • Firing Speed: Lvl:1/1 (0.10)
    • Reload Speed: Lvl:2/3 (1.93)
    • Capacity: Lvl:3/6 (100)
    • Special: A Fully-automatic Machine Pistol. Fires custom 9mm's
  • Rifle (semi-auto)
    • Stats:
    • Firepower: Lvl:6/6 (15.0)
    • Firing Speed: Lvl:1/1 (1.43)
    • Reload Speed: Lvl:2/3 (1.90)
    • Capacity: Lvl:2/6 (12)
    • Description: A .233 caliber rifle capable of firing faster than the standard rifle.
    • Description w/ Scope Equipped: A .233 caliber rifle equipped with a high precision scope.
  • Handgun Ammo x30
  • TMP Ammo x50
  • Rifle Ammo x5
  • Hand Grenade
  • First Aid Spray
  • Scope (semi-auto rifle)


  • Combatant
  • Combatant w/ Mace
  • Combatant w/ Bowgun
  • Combatant w/ Shield
  • Combatant w/ Stun Rod
  • Combatant w/ Dynamite
  • Gatling Man
  • Jack Krauser (Mutated)

Plaga Sample LocationsEdit

"A powerful paracite specimen, powerful enough to change the fate of the world."

Each Plaga Sample takes up 1x2 spaces of inventory.

1)In the base, in the cold storage room, in the same place you get the Infrared Scope.

2)In the area where you first meet the Regenerador, in the room with the strange medical setup with the plaga, right by a man's corpse, on the other side of a medical wall. Kill the guard right by it and be aware of the 3 guards who come out after you entered that room.

3)In the room where Ashley was held captive in the base, in the very back of the room. Warning: there are at least 4 enemies in that room.

4)In the room where you meet the Iron Maiden, in the very center of the lab area with all the shelves. Warning taking this will cause all the doors to lock and for a lot of enemies to attack you. To unlock the doors, go out the broken window screen and go to the monitor that's on to the left.

5)After defeating Krauser, he will throw a flashbang and dissapear, it will be where he was standing beforehand.

Yellow Herb LocationsEdit

Due to Ada's low health, Yellow Herbs are vital in order to stay alive and take more hits. There are seven in the minigame.

  • Starting Health: 6 2/4 Bar
  • Full Health: 8 1/4 Bar

1)Up in the boxes on top of the cliff in the very first part of the first area, before leaping to the demolished houses and the first Gatling Man appearance area.

2)In the room that Gatling Man comes out of, behind the sand bags.

3)After going up the ladder, in the cave with the grenade chest in it, by the crack in the wall where you can see the grenade chest.

4)In the same area where you get the second plaga sample, in the room with the two guards. Kill them and break the glass behind them to get the herb.

5)In the room right after the garbage diaposal room, after walking down tha hallway, when you first enter the actual room, on the righthand corner of this room.

6)In the area that you have to beat the Gatling Man In order to unlock the door, after opening the locked door and killing the enemies on the opposite side of it, walk down the hallway towars that door in front of you, it will open and two enemies will try and light and hit you with dynamite, kill them both, and go into that room, its on the desk.

7)In the room where you meet the Iron Maiden, in the back of the lab area with all the shelves. It is on a shelf with a green herb, and a red herb.


Beating Assignment: Ada will unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the main game on the GameCube version, and will unlock the weapon for the Separate Ways minigame on all subsequent releases.

Further notesEdit

  • In the minigame, Ada wears a military-style uniform as opposed to her red dress as in the main game. The minigame's plot involves Ada collecting a number of plaga samples, as opposed to simply collecting the single control plaga sample like in the main game. As such, this minigame is non-canon.
  • Interestingly, in the Assignment Ada credits, Leon is seen wearing his alternate costume, and Ada wearing her red dress, both of which cannot happen at the same time in the main game.
    • However, this is her red dress from Mercenaries, and not Separate Ways and the main game, which is impossible for her to wear outside of Mercenaries.
  • Although Ada reports that Krauser was killed in the completion of the minigame, it is implied Krauser had actually survived his confrontation with Ada.

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