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Barry Burton

Barry Burton

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Biographical information
Date of birth:1960[1]
Occupation:US Air Force Pilot (formerly)
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team Weapon Specialist (formerly)
Anti-Umbrella activist
BSAA Advisor/Combat Specialist [2]
Physical description
Blood type:A[1]
Height:186 cm (6 ft 1 in)[1]
Mass:89.3 kg (197 lb)[1]
First appearance:Resident Evil
Voice:Barry Gjerde (Resident Evil)
Ed Smaron (REmake)
Jamieson K. Price (RE5, RE The Mercenaries 3D) [3]

Michael McConnohie (Rev2)
Yūsaku Yura (Rev2 Japanese)

Portrayer:Gregory (RE1 live-action)[4]
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"Jill, here's a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you. "

Barry Burton was a member of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) and the backup man for the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team. He was in charge of maintaining and supplying weapons for his fellow S.T.A.R.S members.[5]


Before 1998, Barry was an airman in the U.S. Air Force, serving in the same unit as Chris Redfield, whom he became good friends with. Barry later left the Air Force and joined the recently formed S.T.A.R.S., where he employed his vast knowledge of weaponry. Chris was eventually discharged from the force and began drifting. Barry met up with Chris and managed to talk him into joining S.T.A.R.S.[5][6] He has a loving wife, Kathy, and two daughters named Moira and Polly.[7]

Barry is also a known gun enthusiast and NRA member. When he came to Raccoon City to join S.T.A.R.S., he became friends with Gun Shop owner Robert Kendo. The two were close friends and often went fishing together in Stoneville. Due to their friendship, Barry commissioned Robert's brother, Joe, to modify most of S.T.A.R.S.' arsenal, including their side arm, the Samurai Edge. Barry had his specially modified to fire .40S&W caliber rounds.

The Mansion IncidentEdit

"That was a close one! A second late, you would've fit nicely into a sandwich."

After a confrontation with cerberuses, Barry managed to escape into the Spencer Mansion along with fellow Alpha team members Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine. Afterwards, he helped Jill overcome several of the mansion's traps and creatures. However, Albert Wesker, who was actually a spy working for the Umbrella Corporation, blackmailed Barry to do his bidding by using his family as leverage. Barry began to eliminate any evidence that implicated Wesker and began luring Jill into traps against monsters. It was because of Barry that Wesker was able to track down Enrico and murder him. While in the lab, Wesker reveals his control over Barry, and has him once pull his gun on Jill. After revealing that his threat against Barry's family was a bluff, Barry knocks Wesker out with his gun. Jill, Chris, Barry, Wesker and Rebecca Chambers subsequently escaped the mansion.

Raccoon CityEdit

"Time to end this damned nightmare!"

After the Mansion incident, Barry immediately moved his family to Canada, out of Umbrella's reach in order to ensure their safety. He then left them to rejoin Chris and Jill in their Anti-Umbrella efforts. During the t-Virus outbreak, when Raccoon City was facing annihilation, he took a civilian helicopter in order to locate Jill and extract her from the city.

Barry came in contact with an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service mercenary Carlos Oliveira (who was assisting Jill amidst the chaos) and was able to locate Jill in time to rescue both her and Carlos before the missile destroyed Raccoon City.[8] Afterwards, Jill and Barry participated in undisclosed anti-Umbrella operations until Umbrella's shutdown by the U.S. Government.

Sushestovanie IncidentEdit

"Moira... No... I don't believe it. There's no way she's..."

Around late 2009, after the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident Chris and Barry finally had the time to catch up with each other, it was around this time that Chris requested Barry to join the BSAA.[9] Eventually, Barry became an advisor for the organization as a combat consultant, training a young generation of soldiers alongside Chris to become the future of the BSAA.[10] He also became friends with Chris' younger sister, Claire Redfield when they met each other is due to her friendship with his older daughter, Moira and later becomes a mentor to the Redfield siblings.[11]

Sometime in 2011, Barry manages to rescue Claire after revealing that she and her daughter Moira kidnapped to an Island where he rushed her to the hospital trying to wake her up. Claire later open her eyes as she was ask by him what happened to Moira. Claire sadly apologizes about what happened to Moira only to be stopped by the doctors as she was immediately taken inside the intensive care unit. Barry becomes upset after hearing about what happened to his daughter.

Six months later, Barry intercepted an S.O.S sent by Moira, believing it to be a recent transmission, thanks to that he was able to determine the island's coordinates. Arriving at the island, he met a young girl named Natalia Korda. Barry initially asked Natalia to stay behind on the boat, but she refused and insisted to go. He had no choice but to take her with him. Barry soon found out that Natalia has a special ability to detect enemies' presence and items. Together, they ventured through the island. By the time they arrived at the radio tower, he heard Moira and Claire's voice in the radio which they're heading to the Wossek, hearing Claire's voice in the transmission made Barry realize that it was actually logged six months ago. However, when Natalia hears about Moira's name she started to have a severe headache which she lies to him that Moira is dead much to his shock.[11]

Natalia also mentions to Barry that Moira is heading to the tower which he decides to let her take him to the tower. During his search on his daughter, Moira, Barry discovers a corpse of Edward Thompson which he's from TerraSave and Barry becomes disappointed to his daughter not to get involved with them. On their way to the tower, Barry also asks Natalia what happened to her parents and Natalia tells him that her parents died in Terragrigia incident. After defeating the mutated Pedro Fernandez and examine the corpse of Gabriel Chavez, which is been killed from crashing his helicopter from the abandoned building in explosion, they finally get inside the tower. When they enter the storage room, they found a photo between Albert Wesker and the Overseer's physical appearance. Natalia also tells him that she is very scary as she pointed on the woman behind Albert and she reveals to Barry that she is Alex Wesker. Barry becomes angrily dismayed about the two Weskers, before suddenly a mysterious feminine figure surprises them both.

The feminine-like creature finally removes her mask revealing herself to be Alex in her mutated state as Barry recognizes her, which he gets his handgun and gunpointing at her. Barry demands Alex to let Moira go, to which Alex gloats about having buried her along with the island's inhabitants. As she summoned several Revenant to kill Natalia, Barry states that he will kill her later as he shoots his handgun on the broken ceiling which it collapses to block them as the duo escape. He later carries Natalia from his back in a piggy back ride due to her injury as Barry finally brought up about his family and revealing his strained relationship with his daughter Moira. On their way to the sewers, they found Evgeny's corpse in his home at the sewers where both Moira and Claire encountered six months ago as he found Moira's cellphone which he heard his daughter's voice from the voice recorder from her phone which she finally forgives her mother and her sister Polly, as well as her father for being as a bad daughter to him in a distress tone of her voice. Barry angrily clenches his fists knowing that Alex did hurt his daughter, and decides to protect Natalia from Alex.

"You can't have her, She-Wesker!"

Barry later wakes up after it shows a flashback where he rescues Claire and rushed her to the hospital, he finally regroup with Natalia. After the horrors beneath the mines and the secret underground cave, the duo were taunted again by Alex who quotes the words of Franz Kafka and her teddy bear, Lottie. Cornering Alex in her laboratory, Barry and Natalia discovers that Alex had overdosed herself with a dose of Uroboros Virus and mutates into Monster Alex. After a lengthy fight, with Alex continuously rambling about Natalia, Barry brings her down, but she regained strength and knocks him away while seizing Natalia. Here, the will be two outcomes:

  • In the non-canon bad ending, after killing Natalia, she suddenly springs to life and effortlessly kills Monster Alex. Natalia reveals that she has been reborn as Alex Wesker. Barry points his gun at her, only to see her makes fun of him and leaves him alone.
  • In the canon good ending, Moira comes to Natalia's aid by shooting Alex. Barry becomes surprised to see Moira overcomes her fear of guns, but nevertheless happy to see her alive. Their interaction was cut short when Alex resurrected, consumed by Uroboros. The three head out from the compound to a seaside cliff. Believing themselves to be cornered, a helicopter suddenly arrives, with Claire Redfield in it.

"I'll always need you. But for now... I have this."

Claire shoots Alex right on her vulnerable spot, much to Moira's amusement. However, the Monster Alex is not finished yet. Taking a stand between his daughter and the beast, Barry once again fight Alex with Claire's assistance. After dealing enough damage to Alex, Barry instructs Claire to fire a RPG-7 towards Alex's weak point, to which Claire successfully do so.

As they all leave the island, with the BSAA sending more troops to Sushestovanie Island, the Burtons express their relieve after what had happened. Barry understands that he, as a father, should give Moira a little more space in the world. He then decides to adopt Natalia as his own child.

Post SushestovanieEdit

In 2013 two years after the incident, Barry returns to be a good father to his children. At his home in Canada, he is getting prepared before Claire arrives in his home. It is due to the news about the C-Virus global outbreak as he asks his younger daughter Polly where his jacket is, implying that he's going to evacuate the global outbreak.

Personality and RelationshipEdit

Barry cares a lot for his family, so much that when they become threatened he would even betray his friends to protect them. He nearly always carried a picture of his family with him.[7] However, later in life, his relationship with his daughter, Moira, soured. He later reveals their strained relationship with his daughter, Moira is due to the accident happened between her and Polly when they were young which she accidentally shoots her sister with one of his guns in his cabinet and angrily blames his daughter for the cause. After Polly survives from the gunshot wound, his relationship with Moira becomes drifted apart and being as a bad father to her. [12]

Outside of his family, he was a close friend of both Chris and Jill, although their relationship became strained by his betrayal on behalf of Wesker. After the mansion incident, Barry regained Jill and Chris trust and friendship. Later in Revelations 2, he also gains a friendship towards Chris' younger sister Claire it is due to her friendship with his daughter Moira. Barry, just like Chris, despises Albert Wesker so much that he'd consider anyone bearing the name Wesker as terrorist, seen when Natalia reveals Alex Wesker's identity to him.


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