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Bear Commander
Item type
Item type:Weapon
Weapon type:Assault rifle, Grenade launcher
Uses guide
Weapon action:Full-auto, Single shot (Grenade Launcher)
Ammunition:5.56mm NATO ammo, 40mm Explosive rounds
Special guide
Character-exclusive?:Jake Muller, Sherry Birkin, Ada Wong
Appears in:Resident Evil 6
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The Bear Commander is an assault rifle that can be found in Jake Muller and Ada Wong's campaign of Resident Evil 6. It is found during Chapter 3 of Jake's campaign in a display room after inserting all 16 medallions, along with a suitcase with skill points. Also, it is found in chapter 4 of Ada's campaign, in an officer suite, along with a briefcase with skill points. If the player misses it on Jake's campaign, the weapon will still be given to the player by completing Chapter 3, regardless of the rank acquired. Unlike the other assault rifles found in the game, the Bear Commander has an alternate fire mode which triggers a grenade launcher. However, only explosive rounds can be used.

When compared to the other assault rifles, the Bear Commander has the weakest firepower and the lowest chance for a critical, but also the fastest rate of fire and the only assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment.

This weapon is used by Sherry in her Costume 1, 2, and 3 as her primary weapon alongside the Assault Shotgun in The Mercenaries.


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