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Black Tiger
Biological information
Based:Spider, Web Spinner
Development information
Date of
Created via:Primary t-Virus infection
Gameplay information
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The Black Tiger was a Web Spinner that had undergone excessive mutation, increasing its size three to six times that of normal Web Spinners due to prolonged infection of the t-Virus.


Due to the Web Spinners' unpredictable nature, B.O.W. research on the specimens was suspended, and the subjects supposedly destroyed. This specimen had an unusual reaction to the virus, becoming a larger and more-deadly version. With the mansion compromised by a t-Virus outbreak, the spider population was no longer controlled. This allowed the Black Tiger to reside with its Web Spinner siblings in the underground caverns below the courtyard. It was killed by S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team officers Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine during the police investigation of the mountains to investigate a number of murders.[1]


Alongside its increased size, the Black Tiger is distinguishable by its black and yellow fur. Unlike its paradoxically-named Web Spinner counterparts, the Black Tiger is actually capable of spinning webs, having re-developed the ability during its mutation. Alongside its counterparts, it was also venomous, and capable of spitting venom at prey. It was also the mother to a cluster of infants.


Resident EvilEdit

In the original Resident Evil, this spider acts as the boss of The Underground, having sealed the exit to the fountain access with its web. It can be killed with three Magnum rounds, while Chris could also use the Flamethrower to burn it. This also has the effect of killing any baby spiders that the creature is carrying. Interestingly enough, if the baby spiders appear, exiting the room and re-entering it will cause them to disappear.

Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

In The Umbrella Chronicles, a pair of Black Tigers are encountered in the underground caverns by Chris and Jill Valentine, but act like regular enemies. Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken also encounter several Black Tigers when making their way from the dormitory to the Spencer Mansion.


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