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Item type
Weapon type:Handgun
Uses guide
Weapon action:Semi-Auto
Ammunition:Handgun Ammo
Special guide
Buying price:24,000₧
Appears in:Resident Evil 4
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The Blacktail is a Handgun that is featured in Resident Evil 4. In the maingame it can be purchased at the beginning of the Castle.


In the maingame, the Blacktail is available for purchase from the Merchant for 24,000₧. It is first purchasable in Chapter 3-1. As a handgun, it uses Handgun Ammo. It takes up 6 (3x2) spaces of inventory.

Compared to other handguns, it is the second most powerful, has high ammo capacity, the steadiest handling, and medium stopping power. When fully upgraded it is the fastest firing handgun in the game. However, it is also the most expensive to upgrade.

The Blacktail appears in Leon's inventory in the Mercenaries minigame. The gun is also in Ada's inventory in Separate Ways by default. She is also seen using it during some cutscenes during the main game.

Tune up chartEdit

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds. Some stats differ between the Japanese/US Gamecube versions and the GC PAL/PS2/GC/Wii/HD versions.

It takes a total of 362,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade the Blacktail.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 1.6 N/A 0.47 N/A 1.70 N/A 15 N/A
2 1.8 10,000₧ 0.40 10,000₧ 1.47 8,000₧ 18 8,000
3 2.0 15,000₧ 0.27 20,000₧ 0.83 15,000₧ 21 10,000
4 2.3 20,000₧ 25 15,000
5 2.7 25,000₧ 30 20,000
6 3.0 35,000₧ 35 25,000
Exclusive 3.4 80,000₧

Examine DescriptionEdit

"A 9mm handgun with superior handling."


  • Although the Red9 is much more powerful (5.0 vs. 3.4 fully upgraded), the Blacktail can do slightly more damage due to its higher rate of fire.  It also has much better handling (turning/aiming speed, etc.), especially if the Red9 is with stock.  If the Red9 is without stock, it will have much poorer accuracy than the Blacktail.  The Blacktail also has high enough capacity to sustain fire for a decent amount of time. 
  • Compared to the Red9 with stock, the Blacktail can fit with two more stacks of ammo plus one empty square.  But if the handgun is one's primary weapon, you can still run out quickly being trigger happy with the Blacktail. 
  • If players plan on investing in the Blacktail when playing on Normal mode, it is possible to get by just using the Handgun without upgrades as to not waste money and buying the Blacktail as soon as it is available.

Further NotesEdit


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