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Height:Over 7 feet (213 cm)
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A "Blob" is a monster originating from human prisoners trapped below the Spencer Estate. After being infected with an unidentified virus and experimented on by Oswell E. Spencer's butler Patrick, they became the "Guards" of the underground.


Physically, its body shows signs of decay, not unlike that of zombies. Furthermore, its face appears to have dissolved into boils, and its back has increased size from muscle growth to the extent of needing a harness. This growth also has a yellow eye as seen from behind, similar to G-virus creatures, which serves as a weak point.

It appears to possess superior strength, based on the fact that its anchor is far larger than itself, and its ability to lift its enemies off the ground single handed. It also seems to have heightened senses, as one of the Blobs encountered by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine was able to deduce that they were directly behind a breakable wall.


The Blobs's attacks are very similar to those of The Executioner.

  • Slam - The Blob slams its anchor in a downward motion, sending the player into the dying status.
  • Swing - The Blob swings its anchor towards the player. If hit, the player instantly goes to the dying status.
  • Acid Blood - When the massive growth on its back is shot, it will release a stream of acid, stunning players who are near and doing minor to high damage (depending on the difficulty mode).
  • Grab - The Blob will grab the player off the ground. There is no dodging prompt for this attack. If grabbed, the player has a small time frame of rescue. If not reached, the Guardian will thrust its anchor in an upward motion, impaling the player and resulting in instant death. The grab animation is slightly faster than the Executioner's.


The Blob is unable to run, making them quite easy to escape from. The small eye located on the back of the large tumor is the best weak point. When shot or stabbed, the eye will bleed violently and 'spin'. If you keep shooting the eye, The Blob will easily die (on easier modes, one shot from a magnum will kill The Blob if shot in the eye).

The large tumor growth on its shoulder is another weak point, where several hits from a shotgun will kill or severely injure The Blob. Melee weapons such as the Combat Knife are ineffective, as The Blob will spray acidic blood when injured. However, it is possible to "knife" the Blob.

Continuous damage to the head, or the tumor on the shoulder can take a The Blob down to its knees, leaving it vulnerable to the following melee attacks; Jill: Sweep Kick / High Kick - Chris: Uppercut / Straight. A single shot in the eye on its tumor will always stun The Blob.

During their search of the mansion for Oswell E. Spencer, Chris and Jill, having lost their weapons, resorted to using booby traps against the Blobs. These spiked platforms would drop from above like a moving ceiling, crushing and impaling anything caught beneath them. Though The Blob may be able to stop the platform from crushing them sometimes by using their anchor, at that time the player can either melee them; Jill: Flip Kick - Chris: Haymaker, or throw a Flash Grenade to stop and kill them.

Further NotesEdit

  • A maximum of 13 Blobs can appear on Veteran mode:
  1. Two in the Mansion (documented here).
  2. Five in the Basement.
  3. Four in the Sewers.
  4. Two as secret Blobs.

On easier difficulties, the number of Blobs drops down significantly, to as low as 5.

  • In the prison block, a Blob passes Chris and Jill from a platform above. If you can stun it at this time with Incendiary Grenades, you can reach the top floor before it escapes and defeat it; it counts as a secret Blob.
  • The higher the difficulty you play on, the faster the Blobs's attacks will be. The "slam" attack will be insanely fast, while the "swing" attack can move so quickly, it is almost impossible to dodge. It is recommended that one should run past the Blob after landing a second melee attack, as trying to turn around and run will almost always result in getting mauled. The grab motion will also increase in speed to where it is impossible to dodge if the animation starts up. The Blob's attacks move at their quickest on "Professional" mode.
  • This creature is sometimes referred to as "Guardian of Insanity" (or "Keepers of Madness" or any variation), although this is a descriptive term and not a name, referring to the fact that they serve as "guards" around the Spencer Estate, a site of insanity.



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