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Soul gem
[Jp name not given]
Map area:Kijuju wetlands
Room:[room not given]
Item type
Item type:Treasure item
Uses guide
Special guide
Level:Chapter 3-1
Chapter 4-2
Selling price:₦3,000
Appears in:Resident Evil 5
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"A deep-blue, heart-cut gem."
— Item examination

The Blue Enigma is a Resident Evil 5 treasure that can be acquired from the corpses of all Giant Majini. The gem is a cobalt-hued sapphire cut into the shape of a heart and can be sold for ₦3,000.


  • Chapter 3-1: Two Giant Majini in the final village of the chapter.
  • Chapter 4-2: Two Giant Majini, One when you go to the left of the side of the place from the start but only if you stay there a little while, then when you HELP sheva get to the other side.



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