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Camp Key
Map area:[map not given]
Item type
Item type:Key item
Uses guide
Opens:Locked door at the Barrier
Special guide
Level:Chapter 2-3
Appears in:Resident Evil 4
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"It opens the door at the center of the camp."
— Item description

The Camp Key is a key item in Resident Evil 4.


The key is used to unlock the gate in the southern half of the camp in the game to excel further to get closer to the battle with Bitores Mendez in Chapter 2-3.

This is one of three key items that can be obtained and not used. Once you obtain the key, you can turn back and go the other route with the El Gigante.


Leon claims this key from the Chainsaw Sisters in Resident Evil 4. Leon, after being roughly attacked by hoards of Ganados with only Luis as his aid, escapes the house with Ashley after the Ganados retreat. Near the house is a small lever to either open the right door or the left door; when opening the left door, you will be faced with the Camp scenario over the El Gigante scenario. As you play as Leon and kill the groups of Ganados inside the camp, you will walk across the makeshift wood to a small area with two ladders. The Chainsaw Sisters come, and after killing both of them, you will obtain the Camp key.



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