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Anderson universe
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Carlos Olivera
Biographical information
Date of death:September 2007
Occupation:U.B.C.F. Commando (2002) [1]
Physical description
Height:6 ft 1.5 in cm 0
First appearance:Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Last appearance:Resident Evil: Extinction
Portrayer:Oded Fehr
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"We're assets, Nicholai. Expendable assets... and we've just been expended."
— To Nicholai.

Carlos Olivera was an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force operative who serving under the Umbrella Corporation until 2002, when he joined an anti-Umbrella vigilante team. He later went on to lead a convoy of survivors in the years after the Global T-Virus pandemic.


Raccoon CityEdit

In October 2002, Carlos was a member of an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force unit during the 2002 t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. While returning from a mission, Carlos disobeyed orders which were issued by Umbrella, and preceded to rescue a citizen who was being attacked by a group of zombies. However, the survivor was bitten in the arm and thus infected with the virus. Knowing that she would eventually die, the survivor decided to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

While the attempted rescue was a failure, Carlos and his partners Nicholai Ginovaef and Yuri Loginova later received orders to assist the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad and the R.P.D. officers at an extraction point located in the heart of Raccoon City. After losing Yuri to an infected wound and becoming a zombie, Carlos is bitten and infected by his partner, forcing him to shoot Yuri in the head.

Later on, Nicholai and Carlos both become rogue agents after Umbrella failed to get them out of the city. Carlos and Nicholai were contacted at some point by Dr. Charles Ashford, who offered them a way out of the city in exchange for the rescue of his daughter Angela Ashford, who was trapped inside the Raccoon City Junior School. Carlos met Lloyd Jefferson Wayne inside the school after saving him from a zombie who caught him off-guard. They both team up, and eventually meet up with Alice and Jill Valentine.

Unfamiliar with each other, Alice and Carlos prepared to fire on each other when L.J intervenes and vouches for Carlos as someone on their side. As Carlos' infection worsens, Alice, aware that he's been bitten, pronounces him fortunate and on the way to City Hall, she administers the Anti-virus which counters Carlos' t-virus infection.

Carlos later manages to help find a way out of the city by using Umbrella's last escort from City Hall before Raccoon City is destroyed by a nuclear weapon; the shock wave from the explosion hits the helicopter, causing it to crash somewhere in the Arklay Mountains. Everyone, except Alice, survived and they fled the scene before Umbrella arrived.

Three weeks after the Raccoon City disaster, Carlos and Jill both infiltrate the Umbrella Detroit Medical Facility and rescue Alice, who was reanimated using the t-virus. As they depart from Umbrella grounds, Dr. Sam Isaacs orders to let them go and activates "Project Alice", unbeknownst to the group.

Global outbreakEdit

Five years after the Raccoon City disaster,[2] Carlos and L.J. have joined with Claire Redfield's convoy of survivors, traveling through the Nevada Desert and the ruins of Las Vegas. Carlos, L.J., and survivors K-Mart, Mikey, Otto, Chase, and Betty fought to survive extinction against hordes of zombies, killer crows, and the most terrifying creatures created as a result of the deadly t-Virus that has killed millions.

They are later reunited with Alice, who uses her t-Virus abilities to kill the crows attacking the defenseless convoy. After she recovers from the energy spent in the attack, she reveals the journal that holds the coordinates to Arcadia, a possible safe haven for survivors. Alice and Carlos are able to reconcile when she admits that her departure was to keep the others safe from Umbrella (who were tracking her with their satellite).

Carlos 7

Carlos moments from death.

In a battle against a horde of Enhanced zombies, Carlos was bitten and infected by an undead L.J., who died during a battle in the ruins of Las Vegas. Knowing that his time was up, Carlos volunteered to sacrifice himself in order to save the remaining survivors. Before his departure, he and Alice admit their feelings for each other with a kiss. After Alice promises to make Umbrella pay, he took a tanker truck rigged with dynamite and plowed through the blockade of zombies surrounding the gated facade for the underground Umbrella facility. He is able to enjoy one last smoke before detonating the dynamite. The explosion killed him and most of the undead, clearing the path for the convoy.

Carlos was mentioned alongside Mikey and L.J. by Alice in an attempt to help amnesiac Claire recover her memories. The effort was thought to have been made in vain, however, Claire eventually regained her memories once they arrived to Arcadia, a roaming ship under the control of Albert Wesker.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Carlos has been shown to be a skilled marksman and an impressive combatant. In Apocalypse, he is able to shoot multiple zombies while falling out of an chopper. He even kicks one zombie, and is able to take on multiple trained Umbrella workers. In Extinction, he is also shown to be a capable driver.

Appearance and wardrobeEdit

Resident Evil: ApocalypseEdit

Carlos wears the uniform of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. He has a charcoal shirt with the short sleeves rolled up. He also has a black high-necked top underneath this. He wears black combat pants with a grey camouflage-type pattern. His black padded vest has the UBCS logo on the back. Over this he wears a rig of three webbed straps across his chest with lots of storage pouches. On the left shoulder strap is the UBCS logo. He wears a black webbing utility belt with twin leg holsters. He has heavy duty black laced boots and black knee pads. He wears black fingerless gloves and has a watch on his right wrist.

His hair is dark and spiked upwards and he has five o'clock shadow on his chin.

Resident Evil: ExtinctionEdit

Carlos wears a dark green T-shirt, and over that is a black bulletproof vest, which he attaches holsters to. He has dark green combat pants and he attaches holsters to. His arms have elbow pads and his hands gloves, he also has a dark green scarf and googles.

His dark hair seems loose and styled.



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