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Keruberosu (ケルベロス?)
Biological information
Based:Doberman Pinscher
Development information
Date of
Before 1998
Created via:Primary t-Virus infection
Purpose:Experimental B.O.W.
Gameplay information
Last edit: 12 days ago. (Purge)

The Cerberus (development code: "MA-39") was a B.O.W. series developed in Umbrella labs, such as the Arklay Laboratory, from a doberman pinscher infected with the Tyrant virus. They should not be confused with "zombie dogs", which encompasses all dog breeds infected with the t-Virus in the secondary form. Pronounced as the Greek word, 'Kerberos'; this creature was named after the mythological guardian of Hades, a gigantic dog with three heads and a collar made of venomous snakes.


Following the deliberate outbreak of t-Virus caused by Dr. James Marcus, a pack of cerberuses escaped into the Raccoon Forest surrounding the facility, attacking and feeding on hikers and anyone else wandering too deep into the woods. It was these attacks (as well as those committed by at least one band of roaming zombies) which eventually led to the formal investigation of the area by the police department's Special Tactics And Rescue Service in July 1998. However, some of the S.T.A.R.S. members were overwhelmed and killed by them. The first of which was Edward Dewey, who attempted to take refuge in the Ecliptic Express before succumbing to the t-Virus. R.P.D. pilot Kevin Dooley was also killed by them, possibly because he could not escape his helicopter in time. Joseph Frost and the rest of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team encountered more cerberuses outside of the Spencer Mansion, where they were quickly overwhelmed and forced to flee to the Mansion. Joseph was killed and partially devoured by them.


Although suffering from a similar necrosis to humans infected by the t-Virus, cerberuses retain much of their former agility, with a noticeable increase in durability and aggression.


In most cases, potential prey should listen for the sound of padding paws as a clue to their presence, with a growling warning that a Cerberus has become aware of the player and is preparing to attack. They will let out a pained yelp when killed.

Resident Evil ZeroEdit

A few cerberuses are featured in Resident Evil Zero.

Resident EvilEdit

Attempting to leave the mansion in the original Resident Evil, Director's Cut, and Deadly Silence versions triggers a cutscene where the door is opened and a cerberus sticks its head in and attacks. After that, the message "It's too dangerous to go out." is displayed.

Resident Evil (2002)Edit

In REmake, opening the door causes an enemy Cerberus to gain entry to the mansion before the door is shut, trying to open the door again results in the same "It's too dangerous to go out." message as the original

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityEdit

In the Inserted Evil ARG, an unlockable document describes electrical experiments conducted on a Cerberus within the mansion.

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