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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
チェーンソー男 (Chēnsō otoko?)
Localization:Dr. Salvador
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The Chainsaw Man[note 1] is a class of powerful Chainsaw Ganado. This Ganado wears a burlap potato sack as a mask over his head. His female equivalents are the "Chainsaw Sisters".

A more-powerful version of Chainsaw Man also exists, known simply as the "Giant Chainsaw Man".


Chainsaw Man appears in the form of a burly chainsaw-wielding villager with a burlap sack over his head. He can be detected by the sound of a chainsaw revving nearby. Due to his size, sack mask and unique weapon, he is very easy to tell apart from regular villagers.

Due to an adaptation of the Plaga parasite, the Chainsaw Man has been made exceptionally violent in personality, and is impulsed to relentlessly chase his enemies with his trademark chainsaw. Also due to the Plaga's assimilation, he has been made exceptionally robust and can absorb small arms fire with ease.[1][note 2]


Chainsaw Men behave like any other Ganado, attempting to directly confront the player and strike with their weapon. What makes them so much more dangerous than their lesser brethren is that they have much more health than regular enemies and do not flinch from single Handgun bullets. They walk slightly faster than regular enemies, and their only attack instantly kills the player, but they are also larger targets who can only attack at close range.


Chainsaw Man will approach Leon and if he gets close enough, he will swing his chainsaw at Leon's neck, sawing right through it, if its attack is uninterrupted.

There is another death animation if the player is up against a wall or walking backwards; the Chainsaw Man will slice through Leon's neck while Leon tries to push the saw away, but ultimately ends up decapitated.  


Encounter Location Description
Chapter 1-1 Village center If the player attempts to leave from the way they came in, one spawns along with two villagers in front of the gate. This one drops 10,000₧. A different one will spawn if the player enters the house with the Shotgun and triggers the cutscene. This one will drop a Ruby. The first one will not appear if the other one has spawned. The second one will replace the first one if he was spawned (It is possible to kill the first one, enter the house, and kill the other one).
Chapter 1-3 House of the village chief One is waiting outside the exit of the house. This one will drop a Ruby.
Chapter 4-2 Mine One will spawn after the player has lowered the mine-cart and attempts to pick up the Dynamite. This one will drop 10,000₧ and will not appear on Easy mode.
Chapter 4-3 Old castle ruins Two wait inside the building like structure where the Key to the Mine is. Both drop 10,000₧.
Chapter 4-3 Trolley mines Two will appear during Leon's mine-cart escape. Both drop 10,000₧.
Separate Ways Chapter 2 House of the village chief One waits in the same location as in the main game. This one will drop a Ruby.


Killing any Chainsaw Man is tough, for they have considerable health. Because they don't stagger easily and can cause instant death, the player should stay away and avoid getting near them at all costs. Handguns are not recommended when facing this Ganado.

  • Close range shotgun blasts, Magnum shots, and Hand Grenades will knock them over. The ones in the Mine cart can actually be blown right off. Incendiary Grenades will cause them to fall to the ground.
  • Rifles work well if you aim for the head, as it makes them stumble with one shot.
  • A few shots from a Magnum can take them out.
  • They are susceptible to being stunned and open to melee attacks from damage to the head, lower legs, or Flash Grenades however, it takes many gunshots to achieve this.
  • The player can opt to fight with a Red9 if it has firepower upgrades. It should be able to cause stun easier than other handguns or the TMP.
  • Because of the danger they pose, they player should unload bullets into them even while they are knocked down.
  • When stunned, they do not flinch out from handgun shots. This opportunity can be used then and fire at them rapidly.
  • If the player is running toward a Chainsaw Man, be cautious as they may start their chainsaw attack at a distance in attempt to intercept the player. However, this can be taken advantage of. You can intentionally make them miss by triggering their attack. Holding the run button then tapping forward towards them may cause this. During his attack animation, he is affected by handgun shots, so you can headshot him or use any tactic of your choice. This takes some practice to perform well.
  • On occasion, Chainsaw Men will lift their hands to cover their face if the player is aiming a gun at their head at point-blank range. This is more likely to happen if they stand up off the ground next to the player and are not charging at the player with their saw raised. Advantage should be taken of this opportunity as it allows the player to escape or shoot Chainsaw Men with ease.
  • You can use knife while they are on the ground and there isn't other enemies nearby. This is dangerous as there is no chance of stunning them again with the knife when they get up. In the Wii Version, the knife is faster and aiming is easier meaning stunning from headshots will now be a viable option.


The player can obtain a Bottlecap modeled after the Chainsaw Man. His bottlecap name is displayed as "Dr. Salvador" and his sound effect is the one played when he attempts to attack the player. He is one of the regular prizes that can be won when playing Game B.

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  1. biohazard4 and its respective kaitaishinsho guide both refer to this enemy type as "チェーンソー男" - "Chainsaw Man". The name "Dr. Salvador" is absent and appears to have been added into the Bottlecaps by the localization department
  2. Excerpt from biohazard4 kaitaishinsho revised edition, page 101:
    "伐採用のチェーンソーを武器とするガナード。寄生体との同化に適合しすぎたためか、 強い破壊衝動に支配されており、敵と認識したものを執拗に追いかけチェーンソーを振りまわす。その肉体は通常のガナードよりもはるかに強靭で、 多少の銃弾を浴びた程度で倒れることはない。"
  1. Hamamura (ed). Kaitaishinsho. p.101

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