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El Gigante
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Purpose:Experimental bio-weapon
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El Gigante (literally "The Giant" in Spanish) is a towering B.O.W, created from humans that were exposed to Plaga parasites, and through an unknown method, grew to an immense size, acquiring great strength and brutality to compensate for their loss of higher reasoning.


El Gigante were created by Los Iluminados as one of their experiments on Plaga hosts.[2] Due to their limited intelligence of feral nature, only a few were created,[1] who were then imprisoned underground. In Autumn 2004, when Leon S. Kennedy ventured through Spain, one of them was deployed into the area behind the church to stop him.[3] Trapping Leon in a small, fenced area, the creature was released from the mine it was incarcerated in. Unfortunately for his ganado handlers, he proved to be uncontrollable and succeeded in killing them all before turning to Leon.

A second gigante was deployed, again via the mines, to stop Leon and Ashley's escape;[4] this creature was killed by Ada Wong, instead.[5] Another two were encountered by Leon in the mines beneath the castle.


The Plaga within El Gigante has caused the person's body to exhibit extreme growth, reaching four times the height of its pre-Plaga size at upwards of 20 feet (610 cm). Alongside this growth in height was a tremendous display of strength and stamina, along with the unfortunate side-effect of a reduction in intelligence, as well as their decrease in controllability. Rendered as practically-feral beasts, they would attack anything moving, including other Plaga carriers like Ganado.[1]


El Gigante must be defeated by doing enough damage to their Plaga. This will sprout out of their backs and the monster will fall to its knees after it has taken a set amount of damage. They will only stay down for a set amount of time.

When their Plagas are exposed, the player can opt to use the command prompt "CLIMB" to climb onto their backs and begin slashing at the Plaga with the character's knife via quick time event involving rapidly pressing one of the face buttons. The player will be given a set amount of time to inflict damage. If the player is too slow or presses the wrong attack button during this action, they will be thrown from El Gigante's back and the player lose their chance to inflict any more damage. The player can also simply shoot at the Plaga - however, it will retreat after set amount of damage (as opposed to time).

Once the Plaga has returned into their bodies and the process must be repeated. All drop 15,000₧ when defeated in the main game and the one in Separate Ways drops 10,000₧.

During the encounter with the first one in the main game, if Leon helps the dog that was stuck in a bear trap near the beginning of the game, it will come and help him fight El Gigante by distracting it from attacking him. But in Professional Mode, the dog is useless. The El Gigante here can also use the three trees in the area to use for the "Large Tree Swing" attack. The three huts in the same area also contain items, but can be destroyed by the enemy if it comes in contact with them in any way. If destroyed, the items inside disappear.

During the encounters at the Road below the cliff as Leon and Ada, the player can shoot the suspended boulders to either drop onto them (thereby reducing their health) or block their path. The El Gigante will need to pause to attack the boulder and break it to continue pursuing the player.

During the encounter at the Furnace in the main game, the El Gigantes will use the "Scaffold Swinging" move if the player is standing on the scaffolding. The player can also use the switch in the area to open up a lava pit in the middle of the floor. If they cause one to fall into the lava, it will sink for a while. During this time it may use the "Fellow Traveler" move. The other Gigante will always walk around the lava pit. If the player does kill one of them via the lava pit, it does not drop any money. However, there is a bug in the GameCube versions which causes re-entering the room to spawn the money on top of the closed pit.


El Gigante is capable of twelve combat moves in Resident Evil 4. All but three of these deal 800 points in damage.

Note: All names are provided by the Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho guide.

Move Damage Description
Punch 800 El Gigante delivers a powerful punch that knocks itself to the ground.
Hammer Punch (ハンマーパンチ Hanmā panchi?)[6] 800 El Gigante puts both arms together and throws itself to the ground in a powerful punch designed to crush.
Uppercut (アッパーカット Appākatto?)[6] 800
Hook (フック Fukku?)[6] 800 El Gigante swings its arm around quickly to knock over its opponent.
Kick 400 El Gigante tries to kick an opponent.
Trample 800 El Gigante tries to crush an opponent under its foot.
Grab (つかみ Tsukami?)[7] 800 El Gigante grasps hold of an enemy and attempts to crush it.
Throwing grab (つかみ投げ Tsukami nage?)[7] 800 A variant of the above where El Gigante instead throws the opponent to the ground.
Tackle (タックル Takkuru?)[7] 800 El Gigante performs a Rugby tackle, where he storms at his opponent ready to ram it with his head and shoulder.
Large tree swing (大木振りまわし Taiboku furimawashi?)[8] 800 El Gigante lifts a tree trunk from the ground and swings it at an opponent.
Throwing rocks (岩石を投げ Ganseki o nage?)[8] 800 A boulder is picked up and thrown at a target.
Scaffold Swinging (足場揺らし?)[8] 800 El Gigante will throttle scaffolding if someone is using them.
Fall[9] Death About to die, El Gigante may try to crush its opponent.
"Fellow traveler" (道連れ Michidzure?)[9] Death Falling into a pool of molten metal, El Gigante may try to take its opponent with it.


Encounter Location Description
Chapter 2-1 Quarry A cutscene will play to introduce the monster and the exits will be sealed off. The player must defeat this one in order to move on. If the player helped the Wolf in the very first chapter it will return to help. This one dies via cutscene and does not use the "Fall" move.
Chapter 2-3 Road below the cliff This encounter is optional and if the player faces the enemy, they do not have to defeat it to progress.
Chapter 4-2 Furnace Two spawn together here in unique costumes. The zip-line on top of the scaffolding and lava pit trap door are here. These ones will be able to use the "Scaffold Swinging" and "Fellow traveller" moves.
Separate Ways Chapter 2 Quarry Will be encountered but player can simply run away from it.


The only weak point on El Gigante is the accordingly overgrown Plaga attached to its spine. When the Plaga is destroyed, so is El Gigante.

Using the command prompt (3 successful attacks, more specifically) will eventually kill El Gigante. If the player is fast enough with the button prompts, then it is possible to kill El Gigante in just two knife sequences – even on Professional mode.

One does not however have to respond to the action and can instead shoot the Plaga with a powerful weapon. Likewise, a well placed shot from a Rocket Launcher can also instantly kill an El Gigante.

A startlingly efficient way of dealing with El Gigante is to fire three mine darts from the Mine Thrower (without the EX heat-seeking upgrade) in rapid succession at the exposed Plaga: the Plaga will then retreat into the thoracic cavity and the mines will detonate, killing the monster instantly.


Further notesEdit

  • The sounds coming from the mines inside the first El Gigante's enclosure are actually the roars of a lion.
  • In some versions of the game, if you hit El Gigante with the Rocket Launcher as he grabs you, when he dies you will also despawn, making you unable to do anything.
  • During early stages of development of Resident Evil 5, at one point, Tricell was planned to release 10-15 El Gigantes into the African town. The Art of Resident Evil 5 contains rough concept art of this scrapped invasion.
  • In the Mobile Edition Leon does not have the option to knife the plaga in their backs. Instead the enemy is defeated by simply damaging it enough.



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