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Farfarello scan
Biological information
Development information
Created via:t-Abyss virus/t-Virus

Mass-produced bio-weapon

Gameplay information
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The Farfarello (lit. Slanderer, elf, goblin, or evil spirit; named after one of the 13 devils named the Malebranche from the Divine Comedy) is an independently-improved species of the Hunter B.O.W. They are featured in Resident Evil: Revelations.


Farfarello were developed by the terrorist group Il Veltro by administering the t-Abyss virus to regular Hunters. At some point, a pack of Farfarello broke free of their confinement at Veltro's operation base, and immediately attacked the terrorists. Later on the game, the Farfarello were exterminated by BSAA officers dispatched to the area.


As a result of being administered the t-Abyss virus, the Farfarello came to have the ability to mimic their surroundings and become transparent similar to a group of aquatic organisms. However, because they were exposed to multiple viruses (both the t-Virus and t-Abyss), they became so aggressive that they were even more difficult to control than a regular Hunter.[excerpt 1]


They are stronger than regular Hunters and slightly larger. They can be rendered visible by scanning them with the Genesis or inflicting heavy damage. Their locations can also be compromised by a weapon's laser sight as the laser's point will become rounded when one has been moved over. Their footsteps kick up snow, which can also denote their position.

It can decapitate and instantly kill you in one hit, even if it is invisible.

Raid ModeEdit

While invisible, their health bars will also be hidden.

In the 3DS version of the game, their associated wanted mission is called "Defeat Farfarello (Defeat 5)" which has the description "You won't be able to find these creatures with your eye. But if you have the skill, you should be able to take down 5 of them.". The missions is worth 25000 BP.

In the port versions of the game, Farfarello count as "Beast" type enemies effected by the "Hunting Gear" custom parts.


In Campaign Mode, players can use the Genesis scanner to reveal a Farfarello's location and they will remain visible for a short amount of time, giving players the opportunity to shoot them.

Another strategy for locating a Fafarello, in both Campaign and Raid Mode, players can watch for shifts in the snow to track the creature's movement. Also, they can use their weapons' laser sight to pin-point their location, shooting them once the laser lands on a solid form.

Gunfire from a machine gun works best at keeping Farfarellos, as well as normal Hunters, at bay.

Injury from pulse grenade detonations can temporarily render them partially visible.[excerpt 2]



Further notesEdit

  • Because the t-Abyss virus is aquatic, Farfarello's invisibility ability is probably from the marine animal group Cephalopods such as octopuses or squids, which are able to modify their skin pigmentations and colors to disappear into the background.
  • The Farfarello shares many similarities to the 3K Hunters introduced in S.D Perry's novel Resident Evil: Underworld, including the chameleon-like ability to blend in to their surroundings, rendering them all but invisible to the naked eye, and its naturally black scale coloration.


  1. From the Resident Creature info page:
    Farfarello are created by improving Hunters with the administration of the t-Abyss virus, which enables them to turn invisible and blend into the surrounding environment, an ability usually found only in a number of aquatic organisms. The presence of multiple viruses has also increased their aggression however, and they are less controllable as a result.
    攻撃の前や威嚇動作などのタイミングで、短時間だが姿を現す。ダメージやパルスグレネードなどをきっかけに、しばらく透明化しなくなる (この間はハンターと同じ動パターンになる)。

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