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Biological information
Development information
Date of
Created via:Further mutation on a B.O.W.
Purpose:Random mutation
Gameplay information
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The Glimmer was a species descended from the Hunter-type B.O.W.s. As an unintended mutation, it is, itself, an irregular mutant, as opposed to a proper bio-weapon. These creatures were present in the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility, which was based around an island in the Atlantic Ocean.


Like any other Hunter, Glimmers were pack animals. Unlike their fellows, these creatures would taunt their adversaries in order to distract them from the flanking members of the pack. Glimmers preferred dark places, where it was invisible to its prey in all but its glowing red eyes. They moved extremely fast, making them very difficult to shoot.

Due to their small size and lack of claws, Glimmers had a tactic that was different from that of their cousins: rather than slash at enemies, they would jump at prey and vomit in their faces. It is not exactly known why they used this tactic, though zombies are known to rapidly-produce excess stomach acids, which are subsequently evacuated.


It is best to avoid a Glimmer, attempting to kill it would probabily waste ammunition because of its speed.

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