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Biological information
Development information
Created via:C-Virus
Purpose:To infect the entire world with the C-Virus
Gameplay information
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HAOS was a massive, human-based B.O.W. created with the C-Virus. It was encountered by B.S.A.A. operatives Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans in an underwater facility off the Chinese coast. Its name comes from the Serbian word for "chaos".

History Edit

The Haos project was Carla Radames' and Neo Umbrella's ultimate bio-weapon, and was so important to Carla's plans that it required an entire underwater facility to support the creature once its creation was complete.[1][2] Carla's plan was to unleash Haos to spread the C-Virus across the entire world, where it would agamogenesize and disperse the virus in a gaseous form in a method comparable to the Lepotitsa, only with a higher concentration of the virus. Neo Umbrella planned to release Haos once it had fully developed but a contingency plan -Plan D- was devised in case Carla was killed before the B.O.W was complete. The creature would be released regardless of whether it was fully developed, with the intention that it could spread the virus across the globe before its imperfections took effect.[2]

When Chris and Piers infiltrated the facility to rescue Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller, they discovered a colossal chrysalid containing Haos, which hatched while they were trying to evacuate. The massive B.O.W. chased them around the chamber it was sealed in until they retreated to an elevator. Haos continued to pursue the two BSAA agents and eventually cornered them in a large flooded room, where they rendered it unconscious with heavy weaponry.

With the facility badly damaged by Haos' rampage, Chris and Piers attempted to reach the escape pods but the B.O.W., which had now escaped into the ocean, remained determined to kill them. After an intense chase through a tunnel, Haos trapped them in another large chamber. The creature attacked Piers and threw him across the room where his arm was crushed under falling debris. Haos then seized Chris but was heavily injured when Piers injected himself with the advanced strain of the C-virus and used his mutated arm to electrocute the beast, which then encased itself in a chrysalid.

Now fully regenerated, Haos broke out of its chrysalid and attacked the two agents. However, its decreased size and vulnerability to Piers' electrical attacks enabled Chris to damage its vulnerable organs which badly injured the creature. It made a final attempt to kill Piers, which Piers tried to deter by impaling the creature with his mutated arm, but Chris was able to rescue him and the two of them destroyed the B.O.W.s heart, supposedly killing it.

However, the incredible resilience of Haos enabled it to survive the battle and it made one final attack on Chris after Piers had ejected him from the facility in an escape pod. The B.O.W attempted to destroy the pod with Chris inside it but was forced off by another electrical blast which most likely came from Piers. Haos was finally killed when it was consumed in the explosion of the underwater facility.

Biology Edit

The Haos was a gargantuan creature appearing as a centipede-like cephalopod, with large and small tentacles lining its lower half body. its origins, however, are unknown due to the presence of a human-like face. It was seen to emerge from a chrysalid, making it a Complete Mutant

It was incredibly resilient to gunfire and to injury in general. It seemed to have a weakness to electricity, because a recently mutated Piers Nivans attacked it with electricity, which allowed it to be injured. When it was injured, it tended to go to a safe place and form another chrysalid around it, to heal its wounds. This added to its resilience to injury and made it extremely tough to kill.

It was incredibly flexible. Its limbs looked more like tentacles than traditional limbs, which may suggest that there may also be cephalopods involved in its creation. Haos was at a mere 70.3% of its incubation at the moment of its release. Even at this incomplete form it proved to be a great threat against seasoned BSAA officers. Haos was at such a critical stage of metamorphosis that its translucent skin might have been a defect from its incomplete transformation. Its maximum height would be about the same as a 20-story building

Haos appears to have the ability to change its own mass depending on the situation it finds itself in. If Haos finds itself in an area too small for its gigantic body, it will transform into a chrysalid, and condense itself into a smaller version. Haos also appears to have the ability to grow rapidly in size when given enough time. Haos' ability to heal its own wounds, and change mass at any given time could make it one of the most resilient B.O.W.s.

Like a Rasklapanje, when injured, Haos' lower half can detach from its upper half and pursue Chris and Piers independently.

Gameplay Edit

The first encounter with Haos is not an actual battle and the player must navigate a series of platforms and barriers in order to escape in an elevator. Shooting at Haos is pointless and downright dangerous as the beast smashes apart the platforms and failure to keep moving results in an instant death. However, Haos will block the path at certain points and the player must shoot at its face until it recoils. This must also be done quickly, as Haos will crush the platform if no action is taken.

Once Chris and Piers escape to the upper levels of the facility, they are forced to confront Haos directly. The creature has no unique attacks at this stage of the battle and it will simply try to smash the player with its arms. Explosive weapons are effective at fighting the boss, although any weapon will suffice. This battle shouldn't cause the player too many problems and Haos falls rather quickly.

The encounter with Haos in the tunnels is another chase sequence. The player must slide under the bulkheads before they close and stay ahead of the collapsing tunnel. At certain points, Haos will smash its hand through the wall to block the way, its hand must be shot quickly to make it recoil.

In the second half of the chase sequence, Haos pursues the player directly and getting caught results in an instant game over. The player must keep running away from Haos until they reach the next chamber where the final battle takes place.

After Piers injects himself with the C-Virus and weakens Haos with an electrical blast, the beast encases itself in a chrysalid and emerges at at greatly reduced size. However, it is still a dangerous opponent and should not be underestimated. Haos mainly attacks with lunges and swipes, but it will also assault the player with a flurry of tentacle lashes that deal heavy damage. Haos can be damaged with conventional weapons, but attacking its exposed organs is the only way to truly defeat it. Piers can stun the creature with his new electrical attacks, which will enable Chris to target the organs more easily. Once Haos has sustained critical damage, follow the QTE prompts to defeat it.

Moveset Edit

  • Hand Smash: Haos will raise its arm up and attempt to flatten the player under its hand.
  • Arm Swipe: Haos will stretch out its arm and slide it in a circular motion. Staying far away is advised, as Haos' reach is quite long.
  • Grab: Haos will grab the player and raise them up in front of its face, exposing its skull. It will then crush the player between its fingers. It is an instant kill move.
  • Tentacle Spread: Tentacles will emerge from Haos's hand and will snake towards the player. They can move around corners and will cause moderate damage.
  • Tentacle Lunge: Haos will slam its hand down near the player, and several tentacles will slide out and swing into the air. If the player does not move out of the way, they will swing down and knock the player back several feet.
  • Tentacle Drag: Haos will lunge its arm out and tentacles will fly towards the player. If the player does not move out of the way, they will drag them right underneath Haos, opening up a shot at its organs, but at the same time leaving the player vulnerable to any attack from Haos if they do not flee. This attack can be very difficult to avoid.
  • Slime Bomb Spit 1: Haos will spit 4-5 green balls of slime at the player in a wide spread. If they connect, they can cause low to moderate damge depending on difficulty, and if they hit the floor, they will slowly grow and eventually explode. They can be destroyed beforehand.
  • Slime Bomb Spit 2: Haos will do the same thing, but instead will fling them at the ceiling. They will stick and will grow like before, but will not hurt the player unless they walk underneath them, in which case they will drop down and explode. They can be shot down or will explode by themselves given time.
  • Body Slam: Haos will jump at the player, either from the ground or from one of the platforms, and will cause extreme damage if not avoided.
  • Injured Attack: When all three of Haos's vital organs have been shot and destroyed, it will flail around as its lower half disconnects from its upper half, and the lower half will slide around quite fast, attempting to either reconnect with the upper half or slam into and claw the player. It explodes within a few seconds if it fails to do either. However, it will do massive damage if it manages to hit the player. 

Strategy Edit

  • In the drainage chamber where only Haos's upper body is seen, attacking the head with the semi-automatic sniper rifle will speed up the fight, provided your aim is true. The player should try keeping the scope zoomed out, as zooming in will cause Haos's head to constantly weave out of the reticle.
  • In the final fight, as Piers, Haos can be stunned and damaged with a fully charged electrical blast. However, using normal blasts is wise as they are far more accurate and the player can destroy the organs easier this way.
  • Haos will spew organic time bomb-esque growths from his mouth. Stay away from these if possible, destroy if necessary.
  • If you run out of ammo during the final fight, there are boxes placed around the area and the Slime Bombs occasionally drop ammo.



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