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Heart of Africa
[Jp name not given]
Map area:Uroboros Laboratory
Room:[room not given]
Item type
Item type:Treasure item
Uses guide
Special guide
Level:Chapter 5-3
Selling price:₦10,000
Appears in:Resident Evil 5
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A treasure in Resident Evil 5 located on the first floor of the Monarch Room in the battle to free Jill Valentine from her controlling device, but only if Wesker is defeated in battle before the seven minute time limit is up for you to receive it. It can be sold for ₦10,000.


There is a trick where can obtain multiple Heart of Africa's during the Wesker and Jill fight. If you have the Infinite Rocket Launcher you should be able to take Wesker out easily. After the fight he will drop it in between the stairs. When you get to the Jill Valentine battle, collect the gem, then quit the game and overwrite your equipment and status. Then go to "Continue Game" at the main menu and it should take you right back to the start of the Wesker battle. Repeat this and get as many as you possibly want.

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