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Hunter β
MA-121 Hunter Beta
Hantā β (ハンターβ?)
Biological information
Based:Human-reptile cross
Development information
Purpose:Prototype model
Status:Production halted
Gameplay information
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The Hunter β (development code: MA-121) was a prototype model for the Hunter line of Bio Organic Weapons, designed as a derivative of the earlier α model. Unlike its predecessor, this prototype was developed by Umbrella Europe.[1]


The Hunter β was developed by Umbrella Europe to improve upon Birkin's Hunter α work by adjusting their reaction times to increase agility. Though this should have made them deadlier to armed targets - the Hunter's primary combatant, considering their intended role in the military - their fighting prowess was found to be lacking. Further research was therefore required before they could be given the green-light for mass-production.

A number of β models were sent into Raccoon City during September to serve in combat tests against others in order to gain insight into exactly how successful the model was in comparison to the α.[2] During their time in Raccoon City, they used the Raccoon General Hospital as a hunting ground; a β model was witnessed by Carlos Oliveira hunting down and decapitating zombies.



A β model from the front

One of the most notable aspects of the "β" model was their disproportionate left arm, making them left-handed. Though they were significantly quicker than the "α" model and had improved nervous systems that helped them to evade bullets, they lacked fighting prowess and further research was carried out to improve the model. In addition, they also suffered from multiple tumours growing over their heads and backs, both obscuring their vision and creating weak points.


The Hunter β is overall quite similar in its attack-style to its α counterpart.


The Hunter β has two standard moves, and a third "finishing" move. Its first, standard move has the Hunter swipe its prey with its elongated claw. Its second standard move is related to this, where it jumps up to attack the enemy, swiping in mid-air just before it lands. Its final attack is a "finishing move" delivered only on an opponent in yellow "caution" status. (The closer to orange caution, the more likely it will happen.) In this attack, the delivers a much more powerful swipe at close-range, decapitating its opponent. In some versions of the game, the individual's head can be seen impaled on the claw. It is not in all versions due to reasons of censorship.


Due to the Hunter's speed, it is recommended that those who encounter the B.O.W. keep to a distance. The Grenade Launcher is ineffective against the creature, while the Shotgun is best to be avoided due to the firing rate. Ignoring the firing rate, it is powerful enough to finish the enemy in a few blows, though Health items may be required at close-range. The Magnum is super-effective against the Hunter at any range, and a single bullet should be enough to defeat it.


Further notesEdit

In Biohazard 3: Last Escape and the Spanish version of RE3, the Hunter β that Carlos encountered in the hospital will still slice the zombie's neck it but won't be decapitated and even though there's a blood sound effect, blood won't come out.

In the S.D. Perry novelization of the third game, Resident Evil: Nemesis, the Hunter β were being transported to Raccoon City in order to obtain their final combat data before entering mass-production. Due to the viral outbreak and subsequent martial law, the truck never left Raccoon City, and eventually the Hunters escaped to several city areas.


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