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Further notes
Hunter β
MA-121 Hunter Beta
Hantā β (ハンターβ?)
Biological information
Based:Human-reptile cross
Development information
Purpose:Prototype model
Status:Production halted
Gameplay information
Last edit: 3 months ago. (Purge)

The Hunter β (development code: MA-121) was a prototype model for the Hunter line of Bio Organic Weapons, designed as a derivative of the earlier α model. Unlike its predecessor, this prototype was developed by Umbrella Europe.[1]


The Hunter β was developed by Umbrella Europe to improve upon Birkin's Hunter α work by adjusting their reaction times to increase agility. Though this should have made them deadlier to armed targets - the Hunter's primary combatant, considering their intended role in the military - their fighting prowess was found to be lacking. Further research was therefore required before they could be given the green-light for mass-production.

A number of β models were sent into Raccoon City during September to serve in combat tests against others in order to gain insight into exactly how successful the model was in comparison to the α.[2] During their time in Raccoon City, they used the Raccoon General Hospital as a hunting ground; a β model was witnessed by Carlos Oliveira hunting down and decapitating zombies.


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