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Anderson universe
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J.D. Salinas
J.D. S
Biographical information
Date of death:September, 2002
Occupation:C.I.A. Agent (formerly)
U.S. Navy SEAL (formerly)
Umbrella Commando Marksman
Physical description
Height:6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Portrayer:Pasquale Aleardi
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J.D. Salinas was a character in the 2002 film Resident Evil. He was an Umbrella Special Forces Commando.


NOTE: The following section contains information that appears in the Resident Evil novelizations, which have been classified as non-canon from the primary movieverse.
Prior to joining the Umbrella Special Forces, J.D. Salinas served variously as a CIA agent and U.S. Navy SEAL. Timothy Cain personally recruited J.D. and assigned him to the team led by One; the team charged with infiltrating Hive to shut down the Red Queen computer system after it suddenly killed all the facility's employees.

His weapon of choice was a Heckler & Koch G36K. He is shown as being a good friend with fellow commando Rain Ocampo. When the unit reaches Dining Hall B, J.D. and Rain are assigned to guard Matt Addison while the rest of the team moved on towards the Red Queen's chamber.

He and Rain are the first to encounter the Hive's newly-undead inhabitants. After a female zombie in a white coat bites Rain, he shouts repeated warnings before reluctantly shooting her with his sidearm. Shocked that his bullets had no effect, the zombie was eventually floored by Rain's MP5K.

After reuniting with the survivors from the Red Queen chamber, the team fight a running battle with the horde as they retreat towards the door. When the panicked Chad Kaplan fails repeatedly to input the door code, J.D. takes over. Succeeding on his second attempt, the door unlocks. As J.D. turns toward the door he is suddenly grabbed by a large group of zombies which were locked inside the room. As he is pulled into the horde Rain drops her primary weapon and runs toward the door opening grabbing J.D's hand and telling him to hold on tight, J.D. pleads with Rain not to let go.

Rain is then grabbed by one of the zombies and is bitten on the forearm forcing her to let go of J.D's hand. J.D. now being pulled further into the crowd of zombies screams in terror as Kaplan and Spence struggle to pull Rain away from the horde who are now closing in on them. J.D. is forced to the floor by the sheer number of zombies and screams in agony as they chew into his flesh causing him a long and painful death.


Shortly after his death J.D's body reanimates and he begins to search for human flesh to feed upon. Whilst the survivors made their way through the hives maintenance corridors they are suddenly overwhelmed by a large group of zombies. As the group attempt to climb on top of a venting system in order to avoid the zombies Rain attempts to hold them off. Whilst she is doing this out of the crowd stumbles J.D. who now resembles a mere shadow of his former self, Rain looks in terror as J.D. lunges forward and bites Rain on the neck, she pushes him back, aims her pistol at his head and pull the trigger as he attempts to lunge at her again.


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