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Killer 7
Item type
Item type:Weapon
Weapon type:Magnum
Uses guide
Weapon action:Semi-automatic
Ammunition:Magnum Ammo
Special guide
Character-exclusive?:Leon Scott Kennedy, Albert Wesker
Buying price:77,700₧
Appears in:Resident Evil 4
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The Killer7 is a handgun-style magnum featured in Resident Evil 4.


This semi-automatic magnum can be purchased in the maingame for 77,700₧ from the Merchant. It is available after you meet the merchant at The Island for the first time during Chapter 5-1. The Killer7 takes up 8 spaces (4x2) in the inventory and uses the scarce Magnum Ammo.

There are two main advantages of the Killer7. It's default firepower is 25.0, which gives players an already powerful weapon that requires fewer upgrades. The second is it's stability, enabling players to target the weak points of bosses faster. It also makes long range shooting much easier.

This gun is a much cheaper alternative to having a powerful magnum rather than using 455,000 pesetas to fully upgrade the Broken Butterfly, which has a base firepower of 13.0 but can also be acquired for free.

Fully upgraded, the Killer7 has a bigger magazine and a much faster reload speed than the Broken Butterfly. However, the Killer7 has a maximum firepower of 35.0 and is one of the few weapons that lacks an exclusive upgrade, where the Broken Butterfly can eventually be taken up to 50.0 firepower with the exclusive upgrade. When compared to the Broken Butterfly, the Killer7 has the weaker firepower, but also the fastest reload speed and the largest capacity, making it a more versatile weapon.

The main differences between the Killer7 and the Broken Butterfly is that the Broken Butterfly offers sheer firepower, while the Killer7 has more balanced stats and better stability in aiming. The Broken Butterfly and Killer7 have the same rate of fire. While this gun appears much later in the game, it is possible to overcome the Castle even without a Magnum.

The Killer7 appears in the Mercenaries minigame in Albert Wesker's load-out. It has a Firepower of 30.0, a Reload Speed of 1.53 and a Capacity of 10.

Tune up chartEdit

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

It takes a total of 337,700₧ to buy and fully upgrade.

Level Firing Power Cost Firing Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 25.0 N/A 0.70 N/A 1.83 N/A 7 N/A
2 30.0 62,000₧ N/A N/A 1.53 20,000₧ 10 30,000₧
3 35.0 78,000₧ N/A N/A 0.93 30,000₧ 14



  • Examine Description:

"A very stable yet powerful .45 magnum."


The Killer7 is an excellent weapon for taking on the tougher enemies and mini-bosses as the ammunition becomes more common towards the end of the game.

In the Mercenaries, Wesker with the Killer7 can easily dispatch bosses like Giant Chainsaw Man, the Chainsaw Sister, and the Garradors.

Further NotesEdit

  • The name "Killer7" is a reference to the then-upcoming cult-classic of the same name, which Shinji Mikami produced. Kaede Smith from Killer7 has an AMT Hardballer similar to the Killer7 in Resident Evil 4 as well.
  • The Killer7 held by Wesker in the Mercenaries game menu has a different finish than the in-game model, and also has tan-colored grips.



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