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Las Plagas Undead
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Biological information
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Resident Evil: Retribution
Created via:Las Plagas
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The Las Plagas Undead are a type of creature created via the Las Plagas parasite.

History Edit

The Las Plagas Undead first appeared in the movie Resident Evil: Retribution. They were unleashed by the Red Queen to fight against Leon Kennedy, Barry Burton, Luther West, Sergei, and Tony when they infiltrated Umbrella Prime to rescue Alice. They easily overpower the team with machine guns and sheer numbers and kill Tony before the group can escape. When Alice shows up in a Rolls Royce to rescue the team, the zombies continue to chase them in vehicles, but she eventually manages to evade them after killing several.

Biology Edit

The Las Plagas zombies are an evolved version of the Majini zombies that were also infected with the Las Plagas parasite to enhance them. This infection led them to be more intelligent than their Majini counterparts.

Gallery Edit

Further notes Edit

  • The Las Plagas zombies first appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution, however they were first identified in the movie's novelization.

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