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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Biological information
Based:Mutated human
Development information
Created via:C-Virus
Purpose:Spreading the infection
Gameplay information
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Lepotitsa is a Complete Mutation used as a B.O.W. intended to disperse an airborne form of the C-Virus around its immediate area, transforming interloped individuals into zombies. Its name comes from the Serbian word "Lepotica" (with the "C" being pronounced as "ts"), which is used to describe feminine beauty.


This creature is taller than the average male human with pale yellow-green skin. Its limbs are long and lanky with long pointed fingers. The primary feature of this B.O.W. is its torso, consisting of bulbous pores that are capable of emitting a bright blue toxin. This toxin causes a C-Virus infection that mutates those that inhale it into zombies.[1]

The Lepotitsa has a blue tongue which it uses to shove it down the player's throat which can be fatal if he/she does not receive immediate treatment. It also exposes its tongue whenever it receives enough damage and gets stunned.


It seems that the pores of this creature could be an evolution or is a final part of its mutation process. It is found by Leon and Helena in the cockpit of the plane to China, however not fully formed and missing the pores. Its back ruptures and splits, and it rises to show the pores present.[2] This transformation is identical to that of the Chrysalid creatures, making it entirely possible that this creature is, indeed, simply another Chrysalid mutation.


These creatures were created by Derek C. Simmons and his researchers as a Complete Mutation birthed from a Chrysalid. They originate from a failed attempt to replicate Ada Wong.

Several Lepotitsa are notable for being responsible for the outbreak of zombies in Tall Oaks.[3][4] Leon and Helena unwittingly released one of the creatures from the hidden chambers underneath the Tall Oaks Church and it immediately attacked and infected survivors who had taken refuge there. The two agents attempted to fend off the creature to try and prevent it from turning any other citizens into zombies. They also discovered the corpse of another Lepotitsa outside the holding cells in the underground laboratory. Another living Leopotitsa was encountered in the cockpit of the plane to Lanshiang by Leon and Helena; they were able to drive it off but the creature managed to infect the passengers. It was eventually shot out of the back of the plane's cargo deck. The same Lepotitsa was found dead in Lanshiang by Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin surrounded by corpses, though they made no note of it aside from the "smell of death." Ada walked past this same dead Lepotitsa moments earlier, with many zombies about, before getting attacked by Ubistvo as she tried to unlock the back door.

Gameplay Edit

The Lepotitsa has a very few attacks but one of them can prove to be fatal. Its move sets are:

  • Tongue Shove: If the Lepotitsa gets a hold of the player, a QTE will commence and if failed, it will shove its tongue disposing it's toxin down the player's throat. It will leave the player in dying state momentarily and will die unless his/her partner is quick enough to revive the player. If already in the critical state (red health) this move will result in instant death.
  • Gas Spray: When shot in its pore, it will emit gas that can damage the player. When the player is in dying state and the gas sprays directly to him/her, the player will die instantly.
  • Gas Spray (Distant): During the Church segment, it will sometimes emit an obnoxious noise while emitting gas from a distance, infecting civilians who are within its range. It will also damage and knock down the player.

The Lepotitsa is also encountered in The Mercenaries level "The Catacombs". It is advisable to bring in characters equipped with strong weapons.


When encountering the Lepotitsa in the Church, it is recommended to keep some distance away from it. However at first, it will attempt to infect all the civilians having no intention attacking the player. Take this time to eliminate the civilians who have transformed at first. If all civilians have been infected, the Lepotitsa will turn its attention to the player. Keep some distance from it and attack using the recently found Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle or the Wing Shooter. Using the Shotgun can be quite tricky due to the Lepotitsa's Gas Spray. When it is approaching you, quickly flee and gain some distance. Repeatedly unload on the Lepotitsa until it is stunned, prompting the player to perform a melee. Once enough damage is delivered, it will finally die.

During Chapter 4 in the plane, the cockpit is quite small making it tricky for player to find some distance. Equip the Assault Rifle RN and quickly unload on it until it flees. Alternatively, if you're patient and are good with timing, you can continually counter the Lepotitsa in the cockpit, causing damage, and not wasting any ammo, though this method is time-consuming.


When creating the Lepotitsa, art director Tomonori Takano said they made effort to make sure that it looked less actively aggressive and more actively contagious and horrifying. Its shape and design was modeled after a "pear-shaped" womanly figure as it is like a "mother" to the zombies that it produces.

Further NotesEdit

  • The achievement/trophy "I Prefer Them Alive" requires the players to kill the Lepotitsa in the Tall Oaks Church before it kills all the female civilians.  At least 2 female civilians must survive in order to earn the achievement/trophy.



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