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Licker β
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Purpose:Mass-produced B.O.W.
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The Licker β ("Beta") is the result of TRICELL's decision to research and develop from the Licker data left behind by Umbrella, following continuous high demand on the black market for the creatures. The resultant Beta-version was created after administering the Progenitor virus to an average Licker.[1]


Like the standard Licker, the Beta variation was blind, yet still possessed an increase in hearing sensitivity, allowing it to trace loud sounds to their source almost instantly. Like their naturally-occurring forerunners, βs would travel in groups, therefore it would quickly become dangerous when a sound alerts many at one time.

Injection of Progenitor led to the creature gaining the ability to reproduce at a fast rate.[1] This fertility rendered it more of an actual animal.

One major difference from the original is the creature's vastly increased muscular mass, as well as an improved sense of smell. One new weakness exhibited by the Licker β was an exposed heart located in the center of its chest. A simple knife can end a Beta's life with a single stab to this organ.

Strategy Edit


Licker β impaling Chris Redfield with its tongue.

Their primary attack is to lunge at their target. Other attacks include stabbing their target with their namesake tongue and striking it with their large claws. They also possess a one-hit-kill attack; first the Licker pounces onto a victim, who becomes completely helpless. If the target's partner does not save them quickly, the Licker will simply tear out their victim's throat. It should be noted that these Lickers are extremely durable, and very resistant to gunfire. With an AK-74, one would have to fire about a magazine and a half to dispense a single Licker, and you will never encounter just one Licker. With a magnum, however, it takes around one shot on Professional mode (the hardest difficulty) with the S&W M500, as well as one shot with the Rocket launcher. They are vulnerable to most grenade rounds, but acid seems to have the most effect. With Nitrogen rounds, one can freeze the targeted Licker, and use a weapon or knife to destroy the frozen body. If the body is left alone for too long, the Licker will unfreeze. Most of the time, if the player is nearby, the thawed Licker will attempt to do a tongue-spear attack and the AI or second player will have to press the HELP action button to cut off the tongue.

Another strategy is to use a Shotgun and keep a corner between you and the Licker; they will be close enough to be knocked back, and they normally can't react quick enough when they round the corner. However, this will not work as well against multiple enemies.

Shooting the Licker's exposed brain causes it to recoil, leaving a brief opening for a shot at its exposed heart. Only one or two shots at its heart is sufficient to kill the Licker. Sniper rifles should be used if you are attempting this method.

If you encounter a lot of Lickers and they are close together, use RPG to finish them all.

Attempting to shoot them with a fairly powerful sniper rifle while they are climbing a wall (preferably one with no floor so that they will fall and die. The room outside the area where Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker are fought should work nicely for a player who remains on the ground level.) This should cause them to fall and be taken directly out of the fray. It should be noted however that the occasional licker may come down to attack the distracted, second player.

Original designEdit

Originally the Licker β was supposed to be vastly different from the standard licker. The original design called for the creature to have an exoskeleton covering most of the body and completely covering the previously exposed brain. Another concept included getting rid of its claws and instead having a long talon erupting from the arm of the licker for its attack.

Further notesEdit

  • Like the Reaper, the Licker is also a hard enemy that is easy to defeat, even with just a simple handgun. Aiming for its head will stun it, leaving it open to shoot its exposed heart within a few seconds time-frame.
  • This enemy will make an appearance in the "tyrant" level of Marvel vs Capcom 3 in which it can be seen in the background in containment cells as well as the T-002 in the test tube like the original Resident Evil.
  • Lickers tend to drop Red Heart-Cut Gems (Lion Heart).


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