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Biological information
Based:Amphibian [1]
Height:86.5 cm (2 ft 10.1 in) [1]
Length:137 cm (4 ft 6 in) [1]
Development information
Created via:Primary t-Virus infection [1][excerpt 1]
Purpose:Experimental B.O.W.
Status:Series eliminated
Gameplay information
Last edit: 14 days ago. (Purge)

The Lurker was one of the first bio-weapons created from James Marcus' early experiments with the t-Virus along with the Eliminators and Plague Crawlers.[1]


Lurker ene

The Lurker was chosen by Dr. James Marcus to represent the amphibian division of his virus research project as a whole, apparently the same method he used when experimenting with the earlier Progenitor Virus.

However the mutation showed no increase in intelligence and research on them was abandoned, since their most notable trait - indiscriminately attacking all moving objects - was of little interest to the advance of B.O.W.s. They were also very easily scared off, and a single bullet was all that was needed to drive them back into the water. Mutants of a similar appearance to the Lurker were spotted in the sewers during the Raccoon city incident.

Research on amphibian (and specifically frog)-based B.O.W.s would later be revived in the late-1990s in the form of the Hunter γ, with similarly disastrous results.



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