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A Magnum is a high caliber handgun that fires very powerful rounds. These guns are often large in size to fully utilize the strength of their cartridges. These firearms use Magnum ammunition.

The standard "power weapon" in almost all Resident Evil games, Magnums deal devastating damage to enemies and also have superb penetrating abilities. They will instantly decapitate a normal zombie when shot in the head.

However, Magnums often have a small supply of ammunition available. Thus their use is limited and recommended only for boss encounters and hard-to-kill enemies. Plus they have a slow rate of fire due to strong recoil.

Most Magnums appear in the form of revolvers to differentiate them from standard handguns. However Semi-auto-style Magnums do exist, similar in performance to their revolver counterparts.

The Magnum is the second most powerful weapon type in Resident Evil next to the Rocket Launcher.

Types of MagnumsEdit

Under the name Magnum
  • Magnum (Resident Evil Zero)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil Remake)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil 2) (Desert Eagle chambered with .50 AE rounds)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis) (Smith & Wesson 629 C chambered in .44 rounds)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil CODE: Veronica) (Colt Python)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil Survivor) (Smith & Wesson M-19)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)
  • Magnum (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Under real-world names

Under any other name

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