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Melee vest
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Item type
Item type:Equipment
Uses guide
Special guide
Level:Chapter 1-2
Buying price:₦10,000
Selling price:₦1,000
Appears in:Resident Evil 5
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"Provides protection against melee attacks. Can be worn with the Bulletproof vest."

The Melee vest is an item that can be purchased from the store in Resident Evil 5 for ₦10,000 at Chapter 1-2 and onward and resold for only ₦1,000. One of only two passive items in the game, all that is required in order to use it is that it be in your inventory.

While wearing the melee vest, the character will take less damage from physical attacks of all kinds, although it will not alter one-hit-kill attacks such as those used by the Chainsaw Majini or the Reapers. The only drawback to the melee vest is that it takes up a slot in the inventory, further shrinking your precious carrying space. It can be worn at the same time as the bulletproof vest.

While wearing the vest, the protection actually shows up on the character model, in the form of elbow pads for Chris and wrist guards for Sheva. This only applies to their defualts outfits. It does not appear on any other costumes.

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