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Biological information
Based:Human (multiple)
Development information
Date of
December 24th, 2012
Created via:C-Virus
Gameplay information
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The Napad is a Complete Mutation created by C-Virus-infected corpses being fused together. The Napad is named after the Serbian word for "assault".[1] They are encountered by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans while in Edonia City Hall. They also encounter them in the Oil Rig where Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller are being held.

Ada Wong encounters them in the Tall Oaks Cathedral lab area where they hatch from Chrysalids. These same Crysalids are encountered by Leon Scott Kennedy and Helena Harper earlier but do not hatch.


The Napad's body experiences high internal temperature, leading to its water content evaporating; it takes advantage of this to turn steam into a weapon against its enemies. Its body is also noticeably-tough and bulky with a close resemblance to a gorilla. Parts of its body are surrounded by a hardened shell, most notable with the protrusions above its scapula area. However right below these protrusions are vulnerable muscle tissue. The armoring is capable of protecting it against some firearms though explosions are capable of destroying it, leaving the fleshy layer beneath revealed.

The Napad's armor on the front seems to grow right above its fleshy layer of skin, making it effectively bullet-proof. However, its back armor doesn't grow directly above the skin, thus it becomes the Napad's weak point, as shooting at the creature's back would break the shell and reveal its fleshy skin.


The Napad relies heavily on its brute strength to overwhelm its prey. Their attacks are very damaging but quite predictable and easy to avoid sometimes. Its movesets are:

  • Smash: The Napad will swing their arm in a downward motion knocking the player down, taking away 2 or 3 blocks of health.
  • Ram: At a certain distance, the Napad will charge at the player taking away 4 blocks of health if hit and also knocking down the player. This attack has a noticeable wind-up. It also has a unique counterattack animation for male and female characters.
  • Pummel: After ramming it's victim, the player will be left vulnerable for it's finisher and has a small time frame to escape. If hit, will send the player into dying state.
  • Throw: The Napad will swing it's arm twice in an attempt to grab the player. If the player is hit by either swings, the Napad will pick up the player prompting a QTE. If failed, the Napad will throw the player to the ground.
  • Backhand: If the player is behind the Napad, it will do a backhand attempting to hit the player.
  • Arm Swing: Before dying, it will sometimes swing it's arm in an attempt to hit the player dealing half damage.

Strategy Edit

The Napad moves a bit slow but when it attacks, it deals devastating damage to the player. The player is recommended to keep some distance from it when confronting for the first time. Their weakspot is the flesh on the back protected by its armor. Its armor can be destroyed by using a high damaging weapons or a frag grenade is enough to destroy it. Once the flesh is exposed, use the Assault Shotgun or Chris' Assault Rifle, opening fire on its exposed flesh, particularly on the back which deals high damage. If you are hit by its ram, hold the aim button and quickly roll to either left or right depending on the situation.

When playing as Ada, use her Crossbow with Pipe Bomb equipped. Keeping some distance away, fire the arrow on any part of its body, as it will always destroy the armor upon detonation of the arrow. Once it is destroyed, resort to the Assault Shotgun and unload on it while avoiding its attack. Using the normal bolt arrow is also useful, as the arrow will instantly crack the creature's armor.

Additionally, one could take advantage of its various moves, such as its smash and throw moves. During these attacks, if a player manages to get behind the Napad, they can perform a melee attack which stuns and damages the Napad. This tactic can be repeated multiple times, possibly even killing the creature if patience and timing are on point, saving ammo.



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