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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Nemesis-T Type
Biological information
Based:Human, Tyrant
Height:About 7' 03" tall
Development information
Created via:Primary t-Virus infection


NE-α Type parasite[1]

Purpose:Intelligent Tyrant useful as an alternative to Military forces
Gameplay information
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— The Nemesis' only spoken word

The Nemesis-T Type (also known as the "Pursuer") was an experimental form of intelligent Tyrant created by the Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory in France under the direct administration of Umbrella Headquarters. Its purpose was to prove that a t-Virus infected creature could retain most of its intelligence. It was named after Nemesis, the Ancient Greek goddess of divine vengeance.

Model historyEdit


The European branch of Umbrella originally developed the Nemesis as an offshoot of the American-led Tyrant project, with the emphasis on increasing the host's intelligence and ability to follow orders without compromising the Tyrant's inherent strength and power. The breakthrough came with the creation of the NE-α Type parasite. This parasite could take control of its host's brain stem and act as a second brain replacing the host's now useless original one.[2]

Raccoon City deploymentEdit

The Umbrella Corporation deployed the Nemesis to hunt down and kill the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. team, who had been a thorn in the corporation's side since the original Mansion Incident with the company seeing a chance to deal with them in the chaos of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[citation needed] Nemesis claimed his first victim in the form of S.T.A.R.S. pilot, Brad Vickers, chasing him to the Raccoon City Police Department where, cornering the injured man outside the front doors, the monster killed him instantly by using an extending tentacle to impale Vickers through the mouth, breaking his neck as Jill Valentine looked on in horror.[3]

The Hunt For JillEdit

Nemesis Brad

Nemesis killing Brad.

After killing Brad, the Nemesis chucks his dead body aside and advances on Jill. Depending on player choice, Jill either runs immediately into the police station or attempts to retrieve Brad's S.T.A.R.S ID card from his corpse and then head into the station. Once inside, the Nemesis is unable to get past the front doors and is kept temporarily at bay. However, after Jill is contacted by Carlos Olivera via a radio in the S.T.A.R.S office, the Nemesis bursts through a window and continues his pursuit. However, Jill is able to evade him and escapes the precinct.

Jill evaded Nemesis multiple times as she explored the city, each time barely escaping with her life. Having encountered Olivera and his squad and repairing the trolley car, Jill with UBCS ally, Carlos Oliveira, continue their perilous trek through the city, but once again Nemesis is able to catch up to them. He breaks inside the train with ease, where the injured UBCS mercenary, Mikhail Victor, manages to keep him occupied long enough to blow up the train car with a grenade, forfeiting his life but successfully incapacitating the monster, who is blown out of the trolley onto a burning heap on the road.

Despite managing to reach St. Michael Clock Tower in the northern part of Raccoon City, Nemesis relentlessly tracks her down inside the tower, even shooting down the rescue chopper summoned to her aid. In the burning ruins of the tower's courtyard, Jill is forced to confront Nemesis. Using the same tentacle that he used to impale Vickers, Nemesis is able to infect Jill with the t-Virus before the battle even begins. Nevertheless, she unloads on Nemesis with a barrage of heavy firepower and explosives, finally defeating the monster. Severely crippled, the Nemesis staggers towards a fire and falls in. Now with much of its coat burned off, Nemesis enters its second mutation as a host of writhing tentacles erupt from its body.

This seemingly indestructible monster reappears again while Carlos is returning from a trip to a local hospital with a vaccine for Jill. Battering his way through a brick wall, and now brandishing a whole new host of tentacles erupting from its arm, it attempts to stop Carlos, who makes a beeline for Jill and is able to administer the cure. Though she manages to lose the monster for some time in Raccoon Park, she encounters Nemesis again waiting on the bridge to the Dead Factory, where she eludes him by jumping into the river below. Making her way through the facility Jill is later forced to battle Nemesis for a second time in the plant's waste disposal room. Using the chemical taps located around the chamber, she is able to burn and maim the monster before dumping its horribly mutilated corpse into the plant's dissolving pool.

Perhaps finally believing Nemesis to be dead for good, Jill heads for the facility power plant hoping to find a way to escape the city. Inside the plant, she finds evidence of a recent battle between United States Army Special Forces and Umbrella B.O.W.s, with a large railgun having been installed inside the chamber. At that moment the Nemesis reappears, having somehow withstood being submerged in the dissolving pool. Now little more than a quivering mound of necrotic flesh, the creature squirms over to a dead Tyrant (T-103 Model) and begins feeding upon it. This triggers a final mutation, with Nemesis becoming a huge tentacled organism which, despite having lost all vestiges of human intelligence, is even more resistant to damage and can now spit a deadly venom over large distances.

Jill quickly realizes that her only defense is the railgun, and after a series of direct hits, Nemesis finally appears to be vanquished. As Jill heads for the door, however, the creature begins to stir. Eager to be rid of it once and for all, Jill picks up a discarded magnum and empties the gun into what's left of the monster. With a shudder, the Nemesis finally dies, its organic matter slowly dissolving into nothing.


Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis II

Second form

Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis III

Third form

Nemesis is characterized by its relentlessness, strength, sheer stamina, and comparatively high intellect. Unlike the various Tyrant models before it, Nemesis shows it is capable of employing weaponry and firearms to achieve its objectives. It demonstrates rational thinking abilities, shooting down a rescue helicopter in order to trap Jill Valentine. It can even be heard speaking at times (though its only utterance is "S.T.A.R.S."). Unlike the other Tyrant models, Nemesis had no mutated claws to attack his targets, relying instead on his sheer power, rocket launcher and tentacles.

Nemesis' primary objective is to eliminate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members, causing it to ignore all other potential targets when a S.T.A.R.S. member is present or nearby. It makes exceptions for direct threats to it, and obstacles to its target. Like the Tyrants before it, Nemesis boasts an enormously powerful physique, demonstrating the ability to break through most obstacles, outrun any human, and leap incredible heights. Besides T.A.L.O.S., Nemesis is the most resilient B.O.W. ever created by the Umbrella Corporation, easily withstanding attacks from small-arms weaponry and suffering only incapacitation as a result of explosives. Only the largest industrial grade weaponry can cause it any notable damage. "G" is the only B.O.W. with mutational properties matching those of Nemesis.

Nemesis possesses a network of tentacles that cover its body; powerful enough to tear through a human body, and capable of infecting victims with the T-Virus. It is also armed with a special Rocket Launcher that is used to target vehicles and potential victims. This rocket launcher was modified specifically for Nemesis, and was too heavy for a human to carry. Its black trenchcoat functions as a power limiter [citation needed] and is bullet/explosion-proof.

The Nemesis does not posses any true weakness and is even capable of surviving the disposal chemicals used at the Dead Factory for waste processing. However, the damage it sustained here made it incapable of completing its mission, having lost its intelligence and mobility.


Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

Nemesis is a particularly dangerous and clever opponent in game and can prove a challenge for first time players to beat, especially if attempting to claim the special items he drops in his first form (where he is most dangerous and appears most often). He will always outrun the player given enough distance, a single punch can lower the player's health a whole level, and even heavy impact weapons like Grenade Launchers barely manage to stagger him. He is also capable of following the player from area to area, something other enemies are incapable of. However, he cannot go into Save Rooms. To make it even worse, the Nemesis possesses an instant kill attack which he will employ if the player is grabbed on Caution health or lower. Basic tips for fighting this Nemesis are:

  • Keep at a medium distance. Try to avoid having the Nemesis chase you. He will almost always win and club you down. He will occasionally start running even if you're close to him, if this happens, try to avoid him if you can or take the hit, and heal. He will usually follow you from area to area, but not always.
  • The Nemesis will always grab with his left hand, therefore you can avoid this most damaging attack easily by always running around to his right. He may still punch you, but this is infinitely preferable to being grabbed.
  • If you are grabbed and thrown, hit the D-Pad, Square and X buttons to get up quickly. If the Nemesis gets to you first, he can pick you up again and often instantly kill you.
  • If you are grabbed while on caution, hit every button to escape. You can tell if the Nemesis is preparing his tentacle by the yellow slime that issues from his hand.
  • If facing the Nemesis with his Rocket Launcher, run. His rockets can be avoided but it's easier to simply avoid him and wait for another chance when he's unarmed. After he fires 5 shots from his rocket launcher, he discards it and resorts to melee attacks. If he is armed with the Rocket Launcher, he will also use it as a heavy club, running up to the player and using melee attacks with it, causing heavy damage. In this case, run to his left, as he is holding it in his right hand.
  • The Nemesis will drop to the floor after taking much damage, but will soon rise again. even more aggressive and unpredictable than before. If beaten for a second time, he will fall and stay down (for now) in a pool of purple blood, and you can claim your reward.

Nemesis is encountered 11 times throughout the game. Nemesis wields his Rocket Launcher at three specific times: Second Encounter inside of the R.P.D., when the player is outside of the Management sales office or outside of the substation and after contacting the chopper outside the Clock Tower (if a player decided to jump out the window). From his 11 encounters, the player can run away on 8 occasions, however 3 of them must be fought: After he takes down the U.B.C.S evac chopper and the last 2 encounters. If the player decides to run away from him, special music will start playing. This means that Nemesis could appear anywhere, anytime. When this "stalking" music ends, Nemesis has stopped chasing the player until the next encounter.

Nemesis becomes slightly easier to kill after the clock tower fight, where he appears a lot less. Although this Nemesis (called Tentacle Nemesis by fans) gains a whole host of new longer range attacks, he is generally slower (albeit still capable of running). He performs less instant kills, but still can kill a character by shooting a tentacle through the character's chest, even on Fine condition.

Against the first two mutations, use any weapon in your arsenal to drop him. The shotgun is powerful but short ranged so to achieve a decent hit, the recoil can leave you vulnerable to a counterattack. The Grenade Launcher or Magnum is very effective, but the ammunition is rare. Bizarrely enough, a good weapon to use (if you're confident in your abilities) is the Eagle pistol as it's fast and can be shot several times at him before he is able to get close enough to counter, by which time an experienced player will have already moved around him to a new position. Repeating this process can see the Nemesis beaten saving your more powerful ammunition.

The Dead Factory fight against Tentacle Nemesis is reasonably easy as he is severely weakened in the pre-battle cutscene and moves much slower than during any previous encounter. This Nemesis can be beaten either by shooting the taps around the room when he is close, or using conventional firepower. As he cannot run, keeping at a distance is recommended for this fight.

The final mutation can only be defeated with the Railgun and should be lured into its path three times to defeat. Shooting it very often with other strong weapons such as the Magnum or the Rocket Launcher can damage it to the point that even one or two shots from the Railgun are enough to kill it, but it's better to simply stay out of this Nemesis' sight as although slow, its attacks are extremely damaging. After Nemesis' defeated with the Railgun, a quick time event will appear making the players to decide if to escape to the next room, or finishing the monster off. If the player doesn't decide anything, Nemesis will spit acid to the player, with the last of its strength dying instantly. It's unknown if the player can die if he/she is in a caution status.

The items dropped by the Nemesis on hard mode are, in order of defeats:

Note that Nemesis will only drop items during optional encounters. The Clock Tower's courtyard, Waste Disposal and final battles don't count.

In the Operation: Mad Jackal minigame, in the alley behind Jack's Bar, two Nemeses can be encountered. They'll often kill each other, giving the player points for their death (especially if a player uses a knife at that moment).

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

Only Nemesis' first and second forms were shown in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. His final mutated form was not featured.

Further notesEdit

  • There is a Nemesis Report File in the Biohazard 3: Last Escape Complete Domination Official Guidebook, a non-canon Chinese publication from GAMEPLAYERS MAGAZINE.
  • The design for the Nemesis was originally a rejected design for the Tyrant (T-103 Model) in Resident Evil 2.[citation needed]
  • In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, when the Nemesis gets his coat burned off, he retains largely the same proportions as before. In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a large mass of flesh and spikes appears on Nemesis's left shoulder.
  • Nemesis appears in the updated Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a playable character.


Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Edit


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