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Osmund Saddler
411px-Osmund Saddler
Biographical information
Date of death:2004
Race/Nationality:Caucasian; Spanish
Occupation:Head of Los Iluminados
Physical description
Voice:Michael Gough
Mocap:Kenji Hata
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"If you must know, my name is Osmund Saddler, the master of this fine... religious community. "
— Saddler, introducing himself to Leon.

Osmund Saddler was the leader of Los Iluminados, a now-extinct cult that formerly operated in rural Spain. Under his leadership, it sought world domination through the use of a mind-controlling parasite called "Las Plagas".


Some time before 2004, Saddler had converted the local population into his cult, whose original aim was to free the Plaga parasites from the caverns underneath a nearby castle. His plan for Ashley Graham was to infect her with one of the parasites and send her back to the United States. She was to then infect her father, President Graham, who would then control the nation under Saddler's command.

Saddler encountered Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley frequently, first setting his minions on them, then using his growing power over their Plaga-infected bodies to control their actions. He killed Luis Sera (a researcher who betrayed him) by impaling him with his tentacle tail when he was about to give Leon the pills to suppress the growth of the Plaga in his body along with a sample of a Plaga.

Re4 04 06 01 06
Saddler's plagas form, with Leon about to stab his eye

Saddler hired Jack Krauser (a former ally of Leon) to dispose of him after realizing that Ramon Salazar would not succeed in doing so, but it was later revealed that he didn't fully trust Krauser and was looking for a way to get rid of him. He briefly fought Ada Wong after she helped Leon free Ashley for the final time. Though he was defeated, he still managed to capture her.

"The American prevailing is a cliché that only happens in your Hollywood movies! Oh, Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me! To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of clichés! "

Finally, Leon confronted Saddler on a platform high above the island, saving Ada from death at the cult leader's hands. With no further options left, Saddler transformed himself into a massive, multi-legged monstrosity, with the remains of his human body dangling from the center of the beast. Despite Saddler's considerable strength in this form, Leon managed to kill him by using a rocket launcher that he received from Ada Wong, ending the Los Iluminados' plans once and for all.


Main GameEdit

  • Saddler's weak points are the eyeballs on each of the knees on his four legs. When shot with any weapon, Saddler will fall to the ground and become temporarily vulnerable, allowing the player to either climb on his head to stab the eye in his mouth via action button, or shoot the eye with a high powered weapon.
  • The eyes will periodically blink shut, which renders them invulnerable. Since they can blink fairly quickly, it is advisable to use either a Shotgun or a TMP to shoot the eyes when they are open.
  • Alternatively, one Hand Grenade or a shot from a Mine Thrower to Saddler's original body is enough to stagger him; note that he is immune to Incendiary Grenades.
  • Each eye can only be hit twice. After that, it will be destroyed, and the player will have to shoot the other eyes to incapacitate him. He has one eyeball on each knee, so the player will have to maneuver around his body to get a clear shot at each.
  • Normally, the large eye in Saddler's mouth is closed and immune to damage until he is knocked down. However, if all four of Saddler's knee eyes are destroyed, the large eye becomes vulnerable to gunfire, and may be shot to knock Saddler down.
  • The explosive barrels will also instantly incapacitate Saddler if he is caught in their explosions. Also, the two platforms near the end of the walkways have steel bars hanging from a crane - if timed right, they can hit Saddler to knock him down.
  • Normally, Saddler attacks with his various limbs (his spider-like legs, his bladed tails, and his horned head). If the player moves to the opposite side of the walkway from him, Saddler may throw steel bars at Leon, forcing the player to input the correct button commands to dodge. Inevitably, he will close the distance by leaping to the other side of the walkway.
  • It IS possible to kill Saddler by simply unloading on his original body, but it is not recommended; Saddler can take a frightening amount of damage if his main eye is not targeted.
  • After dealing some considerable amount of damage to Saddler, Ada will throw a special rocket launcher to the player which will kill Saddler in one shot. However, it is advised that you use it at the right time, because if you miss, then the game automatically ends with Saddler knocking the player off the balcony.
  • However, if you keep the special rocket launcher, you can still damage and kill him, this may take a while.
  • You may shoot Saddler's eye when he is incapacitated and then stab him for double damage, but this requires some excellent timing.
  • A quick method of killing Saddler is to use a semi automatic rifle and a rocket launcher. Hit Saddler in any of his eyes on the legs, and when he is incapacitated, hit it in the main eye with the launcher. You have to aim carefully.
  • Saddler's death via Rocket Launcher is different depending on the type used. If the player simply uses the normal Rocket Launcher, Saddler's corpse will remain but show signs of disintegrating. If the Special Rocket launcher is used, Saddler will be charred black, and smoke.
  • Saddler can jump and clear the gap between the two catwalks, he does not walk across the bridges.

Separate WaysEdit

  • Like Krauser, Saddler is incredibly susceptible to the standard knife attack. If his attacks are successfully dodged and the player can keep up the barrage of knife slashes, he will be very easily defeated in well under a minute's time.
  • If you choose the firearm route, it will take the player a lot of ammunition and health to draw out his Plaga eye and stab it. Use the Bowgun and shoot at his head to save ammo.
  • Several of Saddler's attacks will initiate Quick-Time Events that must be completed to avoid high damage or instant death:
    • If the player doesn't press the correct combination when he strikes down, he will push Ada onto the floor and snap her neck, resulting in an instant death.
    • If the player does not type the right button combination when he swings his tentacle arm at Ada, the player must then shake the joystick to make Saddler release Ada, otherwise he will impale her with his tentacle spike, resulting in an instant death.
    • If the player does not press the correct button combination when he draws back his hand, he will strike Ada with the palm of his hand (as he did to Leon in the cutscene before the fight). This does not result in an instant death, but will drain all the health except for a little, in which any hit will kill Ada.
  • If Saddler is continually shot with bullet-firing weapons such as the Blacktail or the TMP, he will divert all the bullets that were shot into his body to his hand and shoot them back at Ada just like a normal firearm. To avoid this, try to fire in short bursts or use the Bowgun.
  • He is able to jump from the bottom floor to the top floor in one jump, clearing the railing.


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