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Created via:Primary t-Virus infection
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The Pluto was one of Umbrella's failed bioweapons experiments. It shares its name with the Roman god of the underworld.


Originally a condemned criminal only known as "α" (Alpha), what would become Pluto was subject to numerous experiments.[1]

On the first day of the experiment, a metal rod was hammered into his frontal lobe to alleviate pain.[1] On the fourth day, his eyes were removed to test how his other senses would react.[1]

Later into the experiment, he would gain mass, becoming overweight around the time he was given steroids to improve his muscles.[1] Despite his immense size, he is also incredibly fast and his acute hearing makes him very accurate.

The experiment was suspended on day 41 after "α" managed to escape, killing five guards in the process.[1][2] He would meet his demise at the hands of Bruce McGivern, a government agent sent to arrest a Bioterrorist.


Pluto became an incredibly obese, though surprisingly fast being, and developed an extraordinarily-sensitive level of hearing, allowing him to supersede his lost eyesight. His head served as a weak spot to potential adversaries, as the numerous operations had left his brain exposed when he escaped.


Pluto uses his heightened sense of hearing to find his prey. Upon finding his prey, he will run into them, crushing them with his mass.[notes 1] To avoid him, it is best that you do not run, but instead walk around the crates, confusing him. It is advised that the player keep an eight meter distance between themselves and Pluto, and avoid sudden sounds and movements when it moves its head restlessly.[notes 2]

Although its size portrays it as an impenetrable foe, its head is a noticeable weak spot. Using the Silenced Handgun to make pot-shots at its head will lead to a quick defeat.[notes 3]



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