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"Spencer: ...a new superior breed of humans, given birth by the Progenitor virus. The Wesker children were entrusted with endless potential. Of them, only one survived. You.
Albert Wesker: Are you saying I was manufactured?

Project W was a eugenics project pioneered by Oswell E. Spencer, which intended to develop an advanced race of human beings. The project was named after the first director of the project, Mr. Wesker, and all successful child candidates were renamed with this surname. This was one of the most significant viral operations centering around the Progenitor virus.


Spencer had always believed that the world was in an unacceptable state that would bring about the fall of mankind. He was motivated to usher in a new world filled with a new human race, with himself as ruler of a utopia to change and evolve the Earth. Some time after Umbrella's founding, Spencer began putting his vision of spurring evolution through virus to work. He authorized the kidnapping of hundreds of children born of parents with above-average intelligence, who were then brainwashed into personalities suited towards serving Spencer. All of the children were given the surname "Wesker", after the director of the project.[1][2]

Spencer then placed them all into areas watched over by Umbrella, and made sure that they received the best educations possible in all fields they pursued. None of them were aware that they were being monitored constantly. Eventually, one Wesker child who showed particular promise would go to work for the very company that raised him, working at the Umbrella training facility in the Arklay Mountains. That child was named Albert Wesker. Spencer was pleased with his intellect, and thought that his utopia would be flawless if all the children were like him.[2]

All candidates were injected with a prototype virus, some by the advice of friends, some as part of a supposed health checkup, others by force. Almost all of the Weskers died outright due to the exposure, though there were a few survivors. The surviving children were programmed to seek out Spencer, their master.[2] During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the research notes were lost when the city was destroyed by the government, leaving Spencer with little to continue his vision.

By 2006, however, only Albert (specimen no. 013) and Alex Wesker (specimen no. 012) were still alive. After learning the truth of his origin, Albert killed his 'creator' and took over Spencer's plan to evolve the world, making a few adjustments to bring the plan to fruition at a faster rate, in combination with his own plan to rebuild Umbrella. Albert was eventually killed by his nemesis, Chris Redfield, and his plan in the form of the Uroboros virus was destroyed with him. Alex Wesker, meanwhile, would start developing the T-Phobos Virus, and proceeded to use Zabytij Island as the testing ground. She tried to commit suicide and take Moira Burton and Claire Redfield with her to the grave when they confronted her. However, the suicide failed, and resulted in her body being immensely mutated. To make matters worse for her, a girl was implanted with her memories. She eventually fought Barry Burton as well as Natalia, eventually being killed by them. Despite this, Alex's consciousness lives on in Natalia.

Known childrenEdit


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