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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Biological information
Based:Mutated Human
Development information
Created via:C-Virus
Purpose:Reproduction through prey
Gameplay information
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Rasklapanje is a victim of the C-Virus, although one that is extremely mutated. Rasklapanje is derived from the Serbian word for "dismantle." [1]

This dangerous leech-like B.O.W was encountered by Ada Wong in Lanshiang during the bioterror incident, wandering in an abandoned aircraft carrier. The same ones were later encountered by Chris and Piers. Another was fought by Leon and Helena in the city's backalleys. It is also encountered by Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin in the underwater facility where they were imprisioned. Its Serbian name means "dismantle" which is a play on its ability to detach its body parts.


The smooth, white skin that envelops this creature is an exoskeleton designed to protect the slug-like part of its main body, located in the torso. Even if part of this creature's humanoid form is destroyed, it will not have any effect on the main body.

The flexible nature of its structure allows it pass through narrow openings like ventilation ducts and other tight spaces. Its primary weakness is fire, and when it encounters intense heat, its main body will leap out of its humanoid exoskeleton to escape the heat.

RE6 Rasklapanje1

The creature forcing itself onto a body, a way for it to reproduct.

The most dangerous characteristic of this B.O.W, however, is its ability to survive limb dismemberment and regenerate lost body parts after they have been destroyed. It is also capable of detaching its limbs, which are then able to search for prey independently to ensnare them. It has been proven to be nigh-invulnerable to conventional firearms; gunfire can only temporarily incapacitate it. If the player waits too long or does not leave the current area, the Rasklapanje will eventually reassemble itself and continue pursuing the player. Only extremely lethal environmental hazards are capable of killing this creature. Should the lower part of the creatures body be separated from the torso, the lower body will be capable of spraying a toxin at potential targets.

A distinctive feature of the creature is its long, leech-like proboscis that it extends from its mouth in order to feed - The creature will drive its mouth into the face of its victim, devouring it head-first. When it successfully kills its quarry, a new leech creature will burst forth from the victim's corpse, suggesting that this creature implants embryos of itself into whatever it kills, allowing itself to reproduce by hunting.


Below is a memo written by a Neo Umbrella researcher.

We've had a very irregular mutation occur in some of our subjects. The resulting creature is able to separate parts of its body and send them after its victim. Its body parts seem to have a mind of their own as they search and attack, but once they return to the main body, they all go back to working as one.

We still have a lot to learn about this mutation, but it will most certainly be an effective weapon in the field.

Lanshiang Bio-terrorist AttackEdit

Several of these creatures appeared in various locations in Lanshiang;

One was encountered by Leon and Helena within a meat market in the city's backalleys, where it was already torn to pieces in a pile of garbage. The creature demonstrated its regeneration ability, quickly "reassembling" its limbs. This Rasklapanje would chase Leon and Helena throughout the meat market as they attempt to find three keys to open the barricaded gate of a butcher shop. Another will emerge from the wall grating when the key behind the electrified door is picked up.

After successfully breaking into the butcher shop, another Rasklapanje was fed into a giant meat grinder by Leon/Helena, destroying its body entirely.

As Ada was exploring an abandoned aircraft carrier off the shores of Tatchi, she found a security door requiring 3 passcodes. As she began searching, she encountered multiple Rasklapanje as well as J'avo. After acquiring all the passcodes with her communicator cube, she proceeded to encounter more of the B.O.W.'s which she was able to escape from with her grappling gun.

Chris and Piers encountered the same group of Rasklapanje as Ada when they explored the same aircraft carrier. The group of Rasklapanje would stalk Chris and Piers throughout the ship as they attempted to collect the passcodes Ada had left behind with the corpses of the J'avo she had killed to acquire them. After finding all the codes and bypassing the secured door, the creatures burst through a ventilation grate, where they were blown by combined gunfire from Chris and Piers into a smelting pit, incinerating them.

Another Rasklapanje was found wandering the undersea oil field where Sherry and Jake were held by Neo Umbrella. This one pursued the pair as they tried to restore power to an elevator in order to escape the facility. Jake would eventually send it falling onto an electric fence, where it was momentarily incapacitated by the high voltage, causing the facility to overload. It was eventually crushed by the malfunctioning elevator.

Further NotesEdit

  • They are one of the playable creatures in Agent Hunt.


Rasklapanje is as durable as a Regenerador and is capable of taking hits. Unlike the Regenerador however, the real parasite in its body will flee and create a new one later making it very difficult to kill. Despite this, it will reveal its parasite to the player when hit by an incendary grenade or another source of fire. It will also reveal the parasite when hit with Acid Rounds from a Grenade Launcher. A good way to get rid of it is to shoot it with any shotgun or with the Elephant Killer, the Rasklapanje will be split in half and each can be killed with any other gun before regenerating into a new one.

While they can't be permanently killed, their hands can be permanently destroyed by using contextual button prompts whilst next to certain environmental objects. For example, in the backalleys of Lanshiang in Leon and Helena's campaign, Rasklapanje's hands can be dropped into a pot of boiling soup, thrown into a microwave oven, or thrown into a furnace. On the aircraft carrier in Chis and Piers' campaign or Ada's campaign, it's hands can also be put in a microwave oven or dropped into a pot of boiling water. And in the oil field in Jake and Sherry's campaign, it's hands can dropped into a trash compactor. When all else fails, running from it is the best option.




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