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Resident Evil: Extinction
Resident Evil Extinction (Novel)
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Resident Evil: Extinction is the novelization of the Anderson film of the same name. Written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, it is the last novel in his series based on the franchise. Uncommon for novelizations, it was published before the release of the film.

The novel is divided into two parts: "Before and After", and "Fight for Survival". The first seventeen chapters alternate between telling the events immediately after Apocalypse and the beginning of the Extinction film (alternating via odd and even-numbered chapters). The latter half of the book describes the events of the later parts of the film.


Part One: Before and AfterEdit

In the evacuation of Raccoon City, Dr. Jim Kimble is assigned by the Umbrella Corporation to test blood samples for viral infection. He hears rumours that the virus was created by Umbrella, themselves, and that it led to the deaths of all 500 Hive employees under Raccoon City. He is becoming tired from having to process so many evacuees throughout the day. When an old man collapses while awaiting a screening, Kimble has Sergeant Wells move his daughter away from him; the old man reanimates as a zombie and bites Wells before Jill Valentine kills him. Anderson, the head of security, bluetoothes in to a man named Giddings, ordering the termination of the evacuation. Kimble is led away by a woman named Zoll, but drops and breaks the old man's test tube. As Major Cain orders the Security Division to shoot at the civilians to get them away from Raven's Gate Bridge, Kimble notices that his bandage fell off when he smashed the beaker...

Part Two: Fight for SurvivalEdit

The novel touches upon the fates of Jill Valentine and Angela Ashford, neither of whom appear in the film. A good portion of the book is dedicated to Jill's exploits as a solitary wanderer traveling the wasteland of America.


  • Dr. Jim Kimble - a researcher assigned with blood screening for T-viral infection in Raccoon City.
  • Anderson - the head of security during the Raccoon City evacuation.
  • Jill Valentine - a former member of S.T.A.R.S. and survivor of Raccoon City.

Plot differences Edit

The scene where Alice attacks the Umbrella tent plays out differently in the novel. Whereas she shoots each Security Division member and researcher in the film, the novel has her impale a guard with her kukris, leading him to spray the others with bullets as he falls.


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