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Resident Evil: Uprising is a mobile phone game developed as a reimagination of Resident Evil 2. It features Claire Redfield as the protagonist.


"Raccoon City is being overrun by zombies. The myserious virus reported by S.T.A.R.S. operatives, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, is running loose and has contaminated the city. An unsuspecting visitor enters Raccoon City and soon takes refuge at the police department."
— Game prologue.


Uprising starts with Claire Redfield entering the Raccoon City Police Station. In the main lobby, she is confronted by the game's first zombie which is quickly dispatched by Leon S. Kennedy as he enters the police station soon after; this is Leon and Claire's first meeting as opposed to the original game's diner meeting. Upon inspecting the police station, Leon and Claire happen upon Sherry Birkin, who runs away shortly after she sees them. After solving several puzzles in the police station, including talking to police chief Brian Irons and then fighting a mutated William Birkin and then fighting a "G" parasite that burst from Irons' chest after that, Leon and Claire find themselves down in the sewers where they must operate two doors at the same time in order to open a route to a tram. After this is completed and the tram is activated, Claire then must go to find Sherry who is in an upstairs room. When Claire finds Sherry, she runs away again, insisting that she must find her father, William Birkin. While looking for Sherry, Claire returns to the room that leads to the tram where she meets Annette Birkin, and finds out more about the G-virus and that William injected himself with it. At this point, Claire and Annette hear a scream and Annette pleads with Claire to find her daughter and Claire then begins her search again for Sherry. She finds her in a bathroom in the police station where Sherry tells Claire that her stomach hurts and that her father is not her father anymore, but a monster. Claire then takes Sherry to the tram where they travel with Leon to the lab. After placing Sherry in a safe room, Leon and Claire begin searching for a cure for her. After finding a vaccine cartridge and making the base vaccine, Claire must find Annette in a power room where Annette shows Claire the G sample and Claire tells Annette about Sherry being hurt. At this point, the mutated William makes another appearance and badly injures Annette; he then leaves without fighting Claire. Annette tells Claire about the vaccine and hands her a file on the production of the vaccine, along with the "G" sample. With the base vaccine and the "G" sample, Claire is able to create the vaccine and administer it to Sherry after making it back on the tram which has now been set to take them to the outskirts of town. Just when they think it's finally over, Leon gets locked into another car of the tram while the mutated William attacks Claire and Sherry. Once William is dispatched; Leon, Claire, and Sherry leave the tram and the game ends with Claire still searching for her brother.

Differences from the Resident Evil 2:Edit

  • Claire and Leon meet in the Police Station instead of the diner.
  • Weapons are limited to a combat knife, two different handguns, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher which only has one type of round.
  • Enemies are limited to zombies and zombie dogs with a small g- parasite, a tyrant-like monster, a large acid spewing plant, and William as the only other monsters who serve as bosses.
  • William is only seen in his second mutated form throughout the game.
  • Side characters Ada Wong, Robert Kendo, and Marvin Branagh have been removed from the story.
  • Even though some characteristics of puzzles from the console version such as the chess plugs remain in the game, they are used in entirely different ways as well as there are a new assortment of unique puzzles present as well.
  • Entire areas such as the Raccoon City streets have been deleted from the game and one of the results is that now the tram does both jobs as transportation to the lab and as an escape vehicle.
  • Instead of the console's point and shoot fighting system, Uprising features a "gauge system" in which a player must press the action button when the gauge reaches but does not exceed a certain level. When done correctly, the enemy is damaged; when done incorrectly, the player misses. This method is comparable to the shooting system used in Resident Evil Gaiden.
  • You confront your first super zombie which is the same difficulty as shooting a tyrant but if using the shotgun takes care of it quickly
  • Checking Barry's desk will result in the finding of an easter egg: Jill Sandwich Recipe


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