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Front cover
Book information
Length:13 pages
Publication history
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Pub. date:April 1996
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Resident Evil was a single-issue Marvel Comics prelude to the original Resident Evil, centering on S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team's ill-fated mission into the Arklay Mountains.


The story starts with a frightened Richard Aiken struggling to make contact with S.T.A.R.S. headquarters on his portable radio; it just doesn't seem to work. Running from the approaching zombies, Richard continues to establish contact with Capt. Albert Wesker, reporting Edward Dewey's death and Rebecca Chambers' disappearance. Suddenly, the phone cord to his radio inexplicably snaps from some unknown damage.

Continuing to run from the zombies, Richard hides in one of the mansion's upper rooms - one with statues. Surprised by a zombie while repairing the radio, Richard inadvertently sets of a trap, leaking a lethal gas into the room. Richard manages to avoid the zombie and run into the attic, despite the poor visibility. Finally believing himself to have left the monsters for good, Richard lets his guard down, allowing the Yawn to approach him.

Over at the RPD, Wesker receives a phone call from an Umbrella operative, who is asking about the police decision to send in Bravo team. Wesker informs him that their problem has been taken care of in the form of a "small but extremely lethal transportation failure", suggesting that he had sabotaged the helicopter and expected the entire team to perish with it.

After the call ends, Barry Burton enters the S.T.A.R.S. office and asks Wesker how "the kids" are doing. Wesker informs him that communication was lost some 20 minutes earlier. Hiding his knowledge of what actually happened, Wesker suggests that Bravo team lost communication due to inexperience, but that the Alpha team should be deployed, anyway. Wesker refuses to answer any further questions from Barry after stating that the team felt themselves ready for the mission despite his own misgivings. He then awakens S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, who have been sleeping in the Night Duty room. Wesker briefs the team before they get into the helicopter, bringing in their special weapons just in case the situation turns bad; Jill Valentine is offended by this decision, believing Wesker to not have any faith in the team's effectiveness.

On the helicopter, Jill talks to Barry; she feels that Wesker isn't telling them the whole truth about their mission. If Bravo team suffered a malfunction, why send in Alpha team? Why bring special weapons? The helicopter hovers over the ground and the team jumps out; however, they are being watched.



  • Desmond Church - "Plot"
  • Chris Kramer - "Plot"; "Script"
  • Dan Shaheen - "Script"
  • Simone Seydoux - "Script"
  • Dave Johnson - "Art & Color Design"
  • Edd Hendricks - "Lettering"
  • Moose Baumann - "Interior Color"
  • Bill Siekiewicz- "Cover Art"
  • Mark Paniccia - "Editor"

Further notesEdit

The shots of the Raccoon City Police Department include a night-duty room. However, unlike Resident Evil 2's depiction, this room appears much smaller, simply containing bunk beds with no recreation area being visible.




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