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Below is a list of translation errors made during the localization of Resident Evil 5, and changes to the plot.

File and scriptEdit

In the localization of the "Tricell" file, Travis Enterprises was renamed "Travis Trading". Also in this file, the Natural History Conspectus was renamed the "Survey of Natural History".[citation needed]

In the file "BSAA", the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies (製薬企業連盟 seiyaku kigyō renmei?) was renamed the "Global Pharmaceutical Consortium". Umbrella's "liability" in the events during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident is replaced with them being sued over "involvement", not defining the legal reasons why they were being sued.

The file "Test Subjects" shows that there were at least thirteen candidates for Project W, though more could exist. The English script instead claims that these thirteen are the candidates that have been chosen to take part in the project, which has been limited to only thirteen people.

Mentions of "Plaga Type 2" and "Plaga Type 3" were flipped, spelling-wise, with "Type" preceding "Plaga" in the localization.


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