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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Production crew
DirectorPaul W.S. Anderson
Producer(s)Paul W. S. Anderson
WriterPaul W. S. Anderson
StarringMilla Jovovich
Music byTomandandy
Corporate information
DistributorScreen Gems
Production information
Release date2015
Country of originUSA
Previous filmResident Evil: Retribution
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter[Working Title], formerly referred to as "Resident Evil 6", is an upcoming 3D science-fiction action/horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. It is the sixth installment in a series of film adaptations based loosely on Capcom's survival horror video game series Resident Evil. It was initially planned to be released to theaters on September 12, 2014,[1][2] but has since been pushed back to somewhere in 2015.[3]



Actor/Actress Character
Milla Jovovich Alice


Michelle Rodriguez Rain Ocampo



Milla Jovovich has been confirmed to return as Alice, and Michelle Rodriguez will also be making her return to the series.[5] Paul Anderson had come up with a basic plot outline during the development of the previous film, according to an interview with Collider.[6] though as of February 2014 has not written a completed script.

Shooting of the film has been significantly delayed, however due to the commitments of both Milla and Paul Anderson to other film projects, with Anderson having just completed the film Pompeii in January. As a result, pre-production of the film has been halted until after their schedules have been cleared and they have finished their pre-planned vacation time. The expected release date is currently estimated as being Autumn 2015.[7] though as of February 2014 has not written a completed script. In June 2014, Anderson stated that the final film is tentatively titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, with Anderson writing the first draft for the film.[8] On August 18, 2014 Jovovich announced on her Facebook page that she's pregnant with a second child but production on the film will be delayed.[9]


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