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Scarmiglione Diorama Figure
Biological information
Development information
Date of
Created via:t-Abyss infection
Purpose:Experimental bio-weapon
Status:Production halted (2005)
Gameplay information
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The Scarmiglione were Bio Organic Weapons encountered on the Queen Zenobia. They are humanoid t-Abyss creatures that incorporated shark DNA.[1]


The Scarmiglione was first encountered in the Laboratory aboard the ship. BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were passing through decontamination when the creature broke through the wall and attacked. It proved a deadly opponent in the narrow confines of the corridor but the two agents managed to escape into a large chamber where they killed the monster with ease.

Several Scarmiglione were encountered throughout the laboratory but they were swiftly exterminated. Three of them were released by Morgan Lansdale to kill Chris and Jill after he revealed he was the mastermind behind the Veltro conspiracy, and at least three more of the beasts attempted to prevent the two agents escaping the Zenobia after Morgan's agent Jessica activated the self-destruct sequence. All of them were killed.


Scarmiglione appear as tall humanoid creatures resembling knights. Their right arm has mutated into a lance-like appendage, and their left arm has mutated into a shield-like appendage which they use to protect themselves from damage.

They primarily attack with powerful swipes with their lance arm while slowly advancing on their target - this attack is also capable of knocking down a player. They will also occasionally charge at the player with their shield when they are within attack range.

Scarmigliones will actively use their shield to block attacks depending on where the player is aiming, making successive shots on parts of the body difficult. They take additional damage when attacked on the head.

Scarmigliones will undergo one of two transformations depending on where they take the most damage:

  • If attacks are focused on the torso and head, a Scarmiglione's upper body will explode, revealing an electrified tentacle which functions like a whip. In this form, the legs will shamble towards the player in an attempt to shock the player with the tentacle. This form takes additional damage when damaged on the tentacle.
  • When the legs take the brunt of the damage, the Scarmiglione will be reduced to its upper body. In this form, it crawls on the ground, attempting to stab the player with its lance-arm. This form is still vulnerable to being shot in the head.


The Scarmiglione can be killed without transforming if high-damage attacks deplete its hitpoints before too much trauma is applied to the upper or lower body. They are extremely vulnerable to shock grenades. Surprisingly, B.O.W. Decoy won't distract them, making the item useless.

It is capable of jumping onto higher or lower platforms to follow the player. However, the player can confuse it by repeatedly climbing and leaping off platforms, as the enemy takes some time to realize that it has to change levels and then perform a rigid scripted action, which leaves it open to attack. Aiming at a Scarmiglione's legs will cause it to lower its shield for protection and vice versa for its torso. Avoid shooting the back and shoulders - their armor will mitigate or even negate damage entirely.

By doing enough damage or using a Pulse Grenade while their body is whole, they can be stunned and a melee attack can be used on them.

Defeating a Scarmiglione without separating its body is the requirement to unlock the A Packaged Deal award in the port versions of the game.


The Scarmiglione is a slow-moving but powerful creature, often dealing massive damage with one of its attacks. It also uses an organic shield on its left arm to protect itself from gunfire. Its attacks are:

Attack Damage Description
Lancer Thrust Heavy The Scarmiglione's main venue of attacking. It will use its organic lancer and stab the player, knocking them back if hit. This move is quite lethal as it can kill you unexpectedly.
Leg Trip Light (causes incapacitation) The creature performs a broad lower slash to the leg, causing the player to be incapacitated.
Shield Ram Moderate The Scarmiglione readies its shield and tries to ram the player with it from a distance.
Downward Slash Moderate While the player is incapacitated and does not get up quickly, it will perform a downward slash on the player dealing moderate damage.
Electrocute (when the torso is destroyed) Moderate When its upper body is destroyed, the lower body remains with an electrocuting tentacle which serves like a whip. It will shamble toward the player, trying to electrocute him/her.
Stab (when lower body is destroyed) Moderate When its lower body is destroyed, it will crawl up to the player and perform a stab.

Raid ModeEdit

Scarmiglione are also featured in Raid Mode, appearing most frequently on Abyss Difficulty.

In the 3DS version, their associated wanted mission is called "Defeat Scarmiglione (Defeat 10)" which has the description "Description: An evil creation with a lance and shield. Defeat 10 of them.". The mission is worth 30000 BP.

In the port versions of the game, they count as sea creatures and are vulnerable to the effects of the "Poisonous Lure" custom parts.


Rifle or magnum shots to the head are capable of bringing it down within one or a handful of shots, especially if they are charged first. Other weapons, such as the machine gun or shotgun, will cause transformations to occur much faster as they use many more bullets to deal damage.

The best way to defeat a Scarmiglione is to hit it when it's unprotected; such as hitting its back when it's turned away or hitting it when its shield is not covering its legs or torso.

Since it is rather difficult to take aim at their backs it's best to attack from the front. The best, and less damage inducing, solution is to aim at a Scargmilione's legs - to which it will lower its shield to avoid damage - then aim and shoot at its torso to make it explode. Although it is rather aggravating that they wander aimlessly and shock the players, it is easier to take them out with gunfire or grenades in this form than it is to try and attack them while they crawl on the floor and attack with their spears which causes much more direct damage.

In a co-op situation, it can only focus on one player at a time, allowing for the other player to easily target its head if they are positioned far enough to the side or rear to take advantage of its exposed side, or are aiming at the upper or lower half that isn't currently protected while the other player is being blocked. In particular, the player being watched by the Scarmiglione can use the predictable AI to their advantage by pointing their gun at their legs until it shields them, giving the other player a cheap shot at its head.

Multiple Scarmigliones attempting to follow a player will obstruct each other's movement, although it will not prevent its long reach from striking the player from behind another enemy by clipping through them.

It's very effective to aim at one part of their body and then quickly change targets to either take out their legs or their head.

It cannot easily turn while traversing narrow passageways or stairs and must march straight ahead in order to get through them, so a player located to the side or rear on a different floor or behind a wide open space that prevents direct movement is able to fire unblocked at its head while all it can do is glower at them while they forge onwards.

A shotgun or sniper rifle equipped with a high amount of knockback can interrupt its walking or attacking routines with a charged shot anywhere on its body, which causes it to stumble backwards slightly from the opposite direction of the attack, and briefly moves its shield away from its face.

Resident Evil.netEdit

Scarmiglione is an obtainable diorama figure on RE.NET that could have been awarded as a random prize from using a Genesis Scratchcard. Now they can be purchased for 1500 Points. An account can have up to 30 of them and the figure takes up a 2x2 space on diorama stage.

Its description in the creature info page and when viewing its diorama piece is;

"A B.O.W. developed using shark DNA. The Scarmiglione's arms are protected with armor that approaches the hardness of an armored vehicle. Their right arm is a powerful lance-like weapon, while their left resembles a shield and is virtually indestructible."

Further notesEdit

  • Scarmiglione is one of the twelve named Malebranche in the 8th Circle of Hell from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Its name means "Trouble-maker".
  • There is a CLUB96 file for the creature called FILE 60: Scarmiglione.



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