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The Shotgun is a powerful firearm found in every Resident Evil game. It can cause considerable damage to tightly grouped enemies. The shotgun varies in power with each game but is always one of the most versatile weapons in any player's arsenal, capable of knocking over large enemies while mutilating softer targets like zombies. These weapons are popular with most players, especially newbies, due to their high power, spread shot which requires little accuracy and knock-back abilities.

The only two drawbacks to these kinds of weapons are:

  1. Its utility decreases drastically as distance increases.
  2. Most shotguns require the user to work the action manually to chamber each round, thus severely lowering its rate of fire.

Although the exact amount of violence incurred varies by game, the shotgun has been seen capable of blowing off heads, blasting out kneecaps, destroying torsos or even slicing entire bodies in half. It is loaded with Shotgun Shells.

Types of shotguns Edit

Under the name "Shotgun".
Under the name "Assault Shotgun"
Under real-world names

Under any other name.



  1. Two separate shotguns go by the same name in the English version of the game
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