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Biological information
Height:3 m (9 ft 10 in) [1]
Length:Above 3 m (9 ft 10 in)[1]
Development information
Date of
Before 1998
Created via:t-Virus infection
Gameplay information
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The Stinger was a massive scorpion infected by the t-virus. It is featured as a boss in Resident Evil Zero.

It is also featured as a boss in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles where there is also a file for it called Stinger Notes.


The Stinger was created by experimenting on a scorpion. It is encountered in the Ecliptic Express' dining cart, in which it breached the ceiling of the train's bar and confronted Rebecca Chambers or Billy Coen.


The Stinger had little means of attack, other than merely ramming its prey, using its pincers or stinging with its tail. It possessed a heavily armored exoskeleton that shielded it from all harm, making it all but invulnerable unless shot directly in the head.


Resident Evil ZeroEdit

The Stinger will be fought by after the player picks up the Ice Pick and returns to the dining Cart (it will also have to be fought by a single character as during this time the other character is still stuck dining car's room). The battle cannot be avoided as the Stinger takes up the entire train car, and therefore must be killed in order to be passed.

The Stinger will try to approach the player and either attack with its tail when it is close or ram into the player from a short distance. While moving to get into attack position, it will put up its armored claws in which it protected from being damaged. Once ready to attack, the player has a chance to damage its exposed face. It will either flinch and move back from taking enough damage, or it won't at all and will follow through with an attack meaning the player must move away to avoid being hit.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

The Stinger is fought as the boss at the end of Train Derailment 1. It will first hold its claws up to protect itself, then lower it and prepare to attack. During this period, the player has a chance to shoot and damage it. Either the player must do enough damage to it to push it back or it will attack and harm the player, or it will follow through with a scripted attack the player has a chance to quick time event dodge.



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