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Biological information
Development information
Date of
December 24th, 2012
Created via:C-Virus
Gameplay information
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The Strelats is a J'avo mutation created by the C-Virus. The "Strelats" is named after the Serbo-Croatian word for "shooter".[1]


The Strelats is one of the "complete mutation" forms that the J'avo will morph into once injured enough. A scale like armor covers its head while several horns lie around its head and neck. It also sprouts a tail, and somewhat resembles a frilled lizard. Despite its large head, a Strelats is one of the fastest Chrysalid mutations in the game.

The Strelats' eyes, strangely, are positioned asymmetrically, with only a single eye on the left of its head and three eyes on the right. The Strelats also seems to possess only one arm, making the creature seemingly a tripedal creature.

Strategy Edit

From a distance, the Strelats will shoot projectiles from its horns and the speed that it fires can leave an opponent unable to counterattack. At close range, the Strelats will emit a gas that distorts vision and can spew a toxic liquid that can drain the player's health quickly if they are not careful. Strelats are quite resistant to gunfire but are very vulnerable to melee attacks which can dispose of them quickly. Strelats are also vulnerable to the Anti-Materiel Rifle.

The best way to take them down is to slide onto them and do the QTE when pressing the action button while they're stunned.



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