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Svetlana Belikova
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Biographical information
Race/Nationality:Caucasian (Eastern European)
Occupation:Combat Instructor

Former President (Eastern Slav Republic)

Physical description
Appearances:Resident Evil: Damnation
Voice:Wendee Lee
Raquel Marino (Portuguese/Brazilian)
Mocap:Melinda Lee
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Svetlana Belikova is the former president of the Eastern Slav Republic.[1][2]


Little is known about her, though she is enigmatic and whether she is on the side of good or evil or somewhere between is a mystery. Svetlana is described as being diplomatic, serious, and very rigid. She amassed a great wealth from a financial businesswoman background. As the first female president of the Eastern Slav Republic, she is involved in a fight against terrorism.

Eastern Slav RepublicEdit

Afterwards she changes from her green attire into a purple one, as she practices a speech she has prepared to address the public. However during her speech she is informed by her assistant that the American and Russian soldiers have re-occupied the state in order to stop the B.O.W warfare. Eventually she is forced to resign by the joint forces of American and Russian soldiers.

Further NotesEdit

  • She has a large scar on her back from an unknown origin. 
  • ​Svetlana is also a combat instructor. Even the acrobatic fighting skills of Ada Wong are greatly challenged by those of Svetlana's, who dodged all of Ada's attacks when they fought in Belikova's office. She excels at fighting even in high heels and a tight skirt, much like Ada. When confronting Leon Kennedy, she frees herself from his grip and throws him to an impressive height.[3]



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