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The Salazar Castle is an enormous fortress and monastery complex, located just outside the gates to the village. Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham escape from the village and into the castle while attempting to evade a large horde of pursuing enemies.

Owned by its eighth Castellan Ramon Salazar, the castle is the spiritual base of Los Iluminados. Beneath its great foundation, the Las Plagas have remained in fossil form for centuries until they were recently mined and set upon the innocent villagers of the village.

Within its walls hides both an opulent palace and a number of horrific deathtraps. Many rooms within the castle house menacing creatures, such as Novistadors and Armadura.

Areas of interest include an extensive hedge maze filled with Salazar's "pets," many large towers, including one that houses a gigantic statue of Salazar himself, and an extensive sewer and cave system, housing some of the castellan's pet insects.

The Castle begins at Chapter 3-1 and continues until Chapter 4-4. The most common enemies of the castle are the Zealots, the religious cultists of the Los Iluminados. They are armed with flails and occasionally scythes. Further into the castle you will eventually reach the Plaga Mines, where you meet up with some familiar foes. Among the many sub-bosses in the castle include Armadura, Garradors, Cultist Leaders, and Chainsaw Men. Bosses include Salazar's "right hand" Verdugo, Twin El Gigantes, and finally Salazar himself.

Further notes Edit

  • In the room where you can find a RPG-7 surrounded by glass, you can also spot a massive painting depicting famous Greek philosophers. This is the "The School of Athens" by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael.
  • In addition, the bedroom where you encounter Ada for the first time also houses the work "Primavera" by Italian Renaissance artist Botticelli.
  • In the room where the cage with garrador, a fresco on the wall - it's "Funerary monument to Sir John Halkwood by Paolo Uccelo. Commissioned in 1436 for Florence's Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
  • The Castle is visible from the Skylift and the silhouette can be seen from the island when the player first arrives.


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