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Tyrant (T-002 Model)
RE Tyrant
Biological information
Height:262 centimetres (8 ft 7 in)[1]
Mass:245 kilograms (540 lb)
Development information
Date of
Before May 1998
Created via:Primary t-Virus infection and surgery
Gameplay information
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This Tyrant, code named "T-002", was part of the Arklay Laboratory's quest to develop the "ultimate life form".


The development of a combat ability emphasised type B.O.W. gave birth to this, and it exhibited a certain measure of completion. The development staff were evidently proud of their creation, naming it after the very mutagen used to create it - "Tyrant". Exceptional physical capabilities and even high intelligence to obey and execute orders were realized upon its design. It was due to be commercialized after completing the final check "test" of the combat model against veteran soldiers.[2]

During the events of the "Mansion incident", Albert Wesker tried to program it to slay the remaining members of Raccoon City's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.). As the Tyrant awoke from its slumber, it proceeded to impale him first, leaving him to "die" (in fact, Wesker's master plan had foreseen this event). With the help of Brad Vickers, who gave the group a Rocket Launcher, Jill Valentine; Barry Burton; Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers were able to subdue the Tyrant, and destroy the Spencer Mansion.


This model of Tyrant was capable of running at 43 miles-per-hour.[1] The T-002 functions with the use of multiple circulartory systems, demonstrated by its three hearts. The two implant hearts function with different tasks, with one devoted to venuous blood and the other arterial. This complex circulatory system works without any mixture.[3][excerpt 1]



Resident EvilEdit

Umbrella ChroniclesEdit


Further notesEdit

  • Jill Valentine can summon this Tyrant as a hyper combo attack in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and destroy it with a rocket launcher.
  • This Tyrant makes a small appearance in the game Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the "Tricell Laboratory" stage in which he is in a test tube just like the original Resident Evil. The only difference is that he will be surrounded by Licker β in containment cells. It is strange that he appears in a Tricell Laboratory, considering Umbrella originally developed him.
  • This Tyrant can demonstrate its power by swatting any rocket coming at him if he sees one. This ability is shared with T-103.
  • The T-002 shows it may have its own "t" regenerative capabilities in its genes, much like his predecessor the T-001, as it was incapacitated in its previous battle against Chris and Jill but was able to recover in minutes and pursue them once more.



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