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Tyrant 091
Rubber Tyrant (T-091)
Biological information
Development information
Created via:t+G virus infection
Gameplay information
Last edit: 5 months ago. (Purge)

This new Tyrant was the first attempt at creating a Tyrant with the t+G virus. It was considered a failed experiment due to the lack of an electrical current, which the t+G virus was designed to produce. It also suffered from an exposed major organ: the heart, which stuck out of its back, making it more vulnerable to attacks. Unlike most Tyrants, instead of arms with claws the T-091 had grown tentacles, which acted as its fingers.

Bruce McGivern soon disposed of it after its release. All problems shown by the T-091 model were remedied in Morpheus D. Duvall's transformation.

Further NotesEdit

  • The name "091" is derived from the particular agent of t+G virus used to produce it - V.0.9.1



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