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Tyrant C
Biological information
Development information
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Created via:t-Virus infection and surgery
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The Tyrant C is a Tyrant that can only be encountered in the non-canon "Showdown 3" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. It will drop down from a helicopter in the last part of the minigame after a pair of T-103 have been defeated. 


Similar to the Tyrant (T-103 Model), the Tyrant C was characterized by its purple complexion and protruding facial horns. The Tyrant C is also characterized by its red defense coat. This Tyrant model attacks by swinging its seemingly elasticated arms and by kicking the character. While the Tyrant C was more powerful and dexterous than the T-103, it lacked adequate endurance and stamina. The elastic arm attack is instant death and should be avoided at all costs. The animation is similar to Tyrant R's mutated form's instant death move with much less of a wind up.


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