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Tyrant R
Tyrant t0400
Biological information
Based:Human, Tyrant series
Development information
Created via:Tyrant with cybernetic Experimentation
Purpose:Intelligent Tyrant
Gameplay information
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Tyrant R (development code: T-0400TP) was an experimental subspecies of the T-103 Tyrant stored in Raccoon City.[1]


The Tyrant R was equipped with various cybernetic components. It could be programmed for various objectives, and was outfitted with a small, but powerful explosive in its neck. Its durability was far greater than that of other Tyrants, and even a rocket launcher would only knock it unconscious, rather than blow it to pieces.

Prior to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Hunters were being created in large numbers (via the Nursery, or by transportation) to combat the Tyrant R in a number of strength tests. However, the Tyrant still hadn't been activated by the time of the Outbreak, and the Hunters escaped.

The Tyrant was activated at the early hours of October 1st by Umbrella scientist Dr.Carter to combat the renegade Hunter Rs lost in the facility. Just prior to the escape of the survivors in the lab, the Tyrant became self-aware, killing Carter, destroying the t-Virus vaccine and knocking both Linda and the detonator for its internal bomb off a catwalk.

After chasing David King and Linda through the ruined city and mutating into a more powerful stage, the Tyrant arrived at the highway overpass and was ready to attack David. Suddenly, Nyx grabbed hold of and absorbed it into its body. Nyx was destroyed by David and it was set free again. It then confronted Ada Wong, another fleeing survivor, who defeated it with ease, identifying it as "clever, but predictable". Ada killed the monster for good.


  • When you get down the elevator in End Of The Road, the tyrant will jump down from the ceiling. This is able to be dodged, but you will most likely get hit. You can get by him by shooting him with the pistol 4 times and run through him, this is a sort of "glitch/bug". If you play as Alyssa, you should be able to perform a backstep dodge to avoid being hit.
  • In Elimination 3, find as much ammo as you can for the last 3 tyrants, the first 2 are two of the tyrants. The revolver, magnum, grenade launcher, or even the shotgun is the best against these two. The last one is much harder to kill than a normal evolved Tyrant R.

Further notesEdit

  • This Tyrant displays intelligence unseen in most of its brethren: it actually took the time to hunt down and kill Carter, who was the one who held the switch to its internal bomb and posed the greatest threat to it at the time. This Tyrant has also been able to go into a fast state, along with absorbing damage, as seen in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. In the Umbrella Chronicles, it is revealed that this Tyrant can jump an amazing distance.
  • Considering its remarkable intelligence, it may have been an attempt to match Umbrella Europe's famed Nemesis project.
  • It has an instant death attack in Normal, Hard and Very Hard difficulties. It is easily noticeable for the player because it will start to groan and balance its arms fast, cutting its victim multiple times in the process.
  • During the short period it is an ally, it can be hurt by the player, but it will not die until it goes berserk at the survivors. It can also injure the player or AI PC if they happen to get in its way while it's attacking a Hunter.
  • During "End of the road", a player can kill the Tyrant R with the detonator on several occasions in order to obtain event check list points. Since the detonator is good for one use only, the level has to be played 3 times to achieve them all:
  1. Inside of the unnamed Umbrella's facility.
  2. In the streets while it chases the survivors.
  3. While fighting Nyx (it won't kill the creature, but it causes its "heart" to open for players to shoot at it).




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