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Created via:C-Virus
Purpose:Chrysalid infection
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Ubistvo is a boss encountered by Ada Wong in Lanshiang followed by Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.[1] Its name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder".[2]


Neo Umbrella's research into the "Ubistvo" concluded that, because of its destructive personality, its introduction into the battlefield should only be done in "special situations".[2]

As it turned out, the Lanshiang bioterror outbreak was one such situation. Exploring the Waiyip district, Ada Wong encountered one such Ubistvo as it chainsawed its way through its Chrysalid. Initially escaping the creature, she was later forced to fight it on a railway line and the roof of a train, where she eventually succeeded in defeating it once it was knocked into an electrical sign, falling to the streets below.

Little did Ada know that the Ubistvo had landed in front of Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller, as they made their way through Koocheng. The duo eventually weakened the creature with firearms, enabling Jake to impale it with a steel pole and Sherry to electrocute it with a stun rod, supposedly killing it. However, it was merely incapacitated. Soon it ambushed them after they attempted to get to their meeting point with Simmons via boat. Ada, noticing their struggle, aided the duo in their attempt to kill it by shooting it through the head with a sniper rifle which stunned the creature long enough for them to reach the boat, though it continued to chase after them. The Ubistvo ambushed them at a sunken pagoda but Jake and Sherry were able to stun it again and the dazed monster staggered into an electrical sign which electrocuted it and caused it to collapse into the water, enabling them to escape onto another boat.

The Ubistvo recovered quickly and tried to prevent them reaching dry land by using its saw to cut down smokestacks to block their path. When this failed, it leapt onto the boat and attacked them. However Ada, who was watching the battle from above, used a crane to drop steel girders onto the monster, crushing it.

Ubistvo's incredible resilience enabled it to survive this attack and it made one final attempt to kill Jake and Sherry. It ambushed them when they reached the shore and trapped Sherry on the boat where it moved in for the kill. The boat began slowly drifting towards a helicopter Chris Redfield had downed where Jake and Ada noticed that the blades were still rotating, which prompted Ada to use her grapple gun to swing onto the boat and grab Sherry just before the Ubistvo delivered the killing blow. Unable to escape the boat, the Ubistvo was shredded to pieces by the helicopter blades, finally destroying the tenacious creature.



The creature preparing to attack Jake and Sherry.

Ubistvo is a powerful chainsaw creature created by the C-Virus, and hatched from a Chrysalid cocoon. It has a shape that somewhat resembles a humanoid, while its "skin" colour resembles a dark red organic material. On the right side of its face, what appears to be an eye and mouth are visible. Ubistvo seems to have had a unique mutation as its right hand appears to have mutated into a chainsaw-like weapon. Its heart, ribcage, and other important organs are also located in its right arm. Ubistvo is incredibly durable, considering how massive voltages of electricy, getting crushed under steel girders and constant gunfire failed to put the creature down, only incapacitating it for a few minutes. Its death is caused by staggering into rotating helicopter blades, presumably because this shredded the creature to pieces.



The Ubistvo's ability to enter berserk mode at any time is quite dangerous as it moves very fast when pursuing the character. While in this state, its movement is very similar to Giant Chainsaw Man. It does not tend to stay that way forever though. It can sometimes enter normal state similar to the Chainsaw Majini albeit slightly faster. The Ubistvo movesets are:

Attack Damage Description Strategy
Wild Chainsaw Swing 6 Bars (Ada's Campaign) Instant death (Jake's Campaign) The Ubistvo swings its chainsaw wildly in an attempt to hit the player and also hitting any enemies who stands in its path. Strangely, in Jake's campaign, this attack puts the player in a QTE state rather than putting them into dying state. If one of the character is caught in this QTE state, the player must repeatedly tap the A button (XBOX360)/X Button (PS3) while the partner character needs to help the player. Should your partner fail to help you, the Ubistvo will outright kill you by slicing your neck. The Ubistvo's wild swing path is quite linear and can be simply avoided by diving to either sides. It is advised to take caution when trying to slide past it as it can sometimes still hit you.
Torso Cut Instant Death When the player is lying on his/her back or put into dying status, the Ubistvo will drive its chainsaw through the player's torso, slicing them in progress. This attack only occurs when you are lying on your back or put into dying status. If however you are lying on your back, you can avoid it by rolling to either sides.
Chainsaw Swing Instant Death Like the Chainsaw Majini and Chainsaw Man, the Ubistvo will swing its chainsaw in an attempt to slice the player's neck. This attack is quite predictable and the player can just simply move away or dive to an appropriate direction.
180 Chainsaw Swing Instant Death If the player is behind the Ubistvo, it will turn around wile swinging its chainsaw, trying to cut the player's head. The player can simply avoid standing behind it or by diving to an appropriate direction.
Leap Strike Unknown The Ubistvo will leap towards the player while trying to strike the player with its chainsaw. This attack can be avoided by moving or sliding away from its leap direction.
Double Chainsaw Swing Unknown The Ubistvo will swing its chainsaw twice in succession in an attempt to hit the player. The player can just dive to an appropriate direction when it tries to do this, or simply move away from it.


In Jake's campaign, he faces the Ubistvo twice. When facing him for the first time, try to keep you distance from the Ubistvo as it can quickly close the distance between him and you. The player also should be careful when moving around the area when fighting the Ubistvo as the area has objects that can block the player's movement. It is recommended for the player to equip a high damaging weapon such as the Elephant Killer. However if the player is in need of ammo with the Elephant Killer, resort to either the Shotgun or the Bear Commander. When using the Shotgun, carefully keep your distance away from the Ubistvo as you attempt to unload on it. If it is stunned, get close to it to perform the melee prompt and quickly get away from it while continuing to open fire on it. After an enough amount of bullets are unloaded on the Ubistvo, it will be stunned prompting the player to perform a teamwork melee with Sherry which ends the fight.

In a second fight with the Ubistvo, the J'avo will be quite a distraction to the player. However, Ada wil provide help with her sniper from a concealed location. Focus fire on the Ubistvo while also being on watch for J'avos that can sneak up behind the player. Once it is downed, the player finally will face the Ubistvo on the boat. Be wary that the boat is quite small making it slightly difficult for the player to move. Simply unload on him until a cutscene triggers.

While playing as Ada, the battle with Ubistvo will commence after attempting to open the door with a key. Keep in mind, the fight with the Ubistvo is quite tricky since Ada doesn't have a partner (unless someone is playing as Agent in co-op) and also zombies can be a distraction if the player is not careful. If the player is very accurate with the Bowgun with the pipe bomb arrows equipped, it is recommended that the player should keep a distance when firing it. If not, resort to the Assault Shotgun and simply unload on it while cautiously moving around the area. While on the bus, it is quite hard to avoid it's attacks, though the player is given an advantage with Ada's Grappel Gun. You finally face the Ubistvo on a train track. Take note that the area is quite narrow. After fighting it, a series of QTEs should commence.

The Ubistvo's legs, strangely, had became the creature's weak point, as dealing great amount of damage to its legs will cause the creature to kneel, leaving it vulnerable to physical attacks. However, in order to incapacitate the Ubistvo, the player will require great aiming since the creature is constantly moving around. Since the vital organs are carried in the chainsaw, aiming for it will injure it and quite possibly stun it.



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