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The following details unlockables in Resident Evil 4. This is content players not initially have access to.

This does not include items hidden on maps or the fact the Merchant will update his shop as player progresses through the main game.

During the main gameEdit

These can be found even during the first playthrough of the maingame.


The player can collect 24 different viewable bottlecaps by playing the Shooting Range minigame. Collecting sets of these awards the player with money.

Free PunisherEdit

The player can obtain an early and free Punisher handgun by shooting 10 Blue Medallions and then talking to the Merchant. If all 15 are shot, the Punisher will be free and will include one firepower tune up.

Extra cutscenesEdit

These are cutscenes players are not assured to trigger while playing. This does not include special enemy death scenes trigger by their attack or by running out of time during any countdowns.

Chapter Location Trigger Cutscene Effect
Chapter 1-1 Footpath to the village Attempting to walk down the bridge near the starting point The police officers will tell you to stop
Checking the cliff after the bridge is taken down Leon will look down the cliff
Village centre Walking into the two floor house while the villagers are attacking Leon will baracade himself inside the house and look out the window to notice the ganado planning. Leon has moved a dresser in front of the door, a Chainsaw Ganado will spawn
Chapter 1-3 House of the village chief Walk back into the room with the Insignia Key Mendez will attack Leon again and Ada will fire at him from the window The window is now broken
Church Walk down the right path past the church instead of checking the door first Hannigan will call Leon and ask what he is doing
Chapter 2-1 Lake Go back to the where the player first entered the area Leon will notice Colmillos howling Two Colmillos will spawn
Quarry Leon must help the dog out of the bear trap in the first chapter The dog will appear on a cliff and jump down The dog will assist Leon during the fight
Chapter 2-2 Hut Shoot at Luis Luis will get mad at Leon and shoot him Game over screen
Chapter 3-2 Temple Fire a rocket at the group of Cultists before they are alerted Scene will show the rocket hitting them all All of the Cultists will die
Castle parlour Fail to stop the red robed cultists from running away The cultist will unveil a mounted turret The cultist will now be on the turret
Chapter 4-1 Dance hall Shoot the big nest attached to the ceiling The nest will fall down A few different eye gems will be on the ground
Chapter 5-1 Communications tower Check the controls Leon will try to call for help and backup
Chapter 5-3 Check Saddler's throne Leon will sit on the thrown and relax Nothing, but does place the player in perfect view of an item attached to the wall
Final Chapter Underground water vein Turn around and walk to where Leon entered from Rocks will fall from the ceiling blocking the exit

Title screenEdit

The default title screen is a still image of Leon and Ashley. After beating the game once, the screen will change to a scrolling panoramic image of the village centre. The joystick can be pushed to change the scroll speed and direction of the image. After beating the game, there is no way to change the image back to the default one.

New roundEdit

Players can restart the game after a completion with all their current equipment. The Merchant will also always have his full list of items and tune ups on sale as well as any extra weapons the player has unlocked.

Professional modeEdit

Unlocked by beating the game once on normal mode, players now have the option of starting a new game (not a new round) on this difficulty setting. This serves as the game's hard mode. Enemies take and deal more damage and most ganados do not hesitate to attack.


Extra weapons are only usable in completed game files.

Weapon Requirment
Matilda Beat the main game once
Infinite Launcher Beat the main game once
Handcannon Obtain a 5 star rank with all characters on all stages in the Mercenaries minigame.
Chicago Typewriter Clearing the Assignment: Ada minigame unlocks this for the maingame in the Gamecube version, but unlocks it for Separate Ways in all other versions. Beating Separate Ways will then unlock it for the maingame.
P.R.L. 412 Beat Professional mode. This does not appear in the Gamecube version.


There are two sets of unlockable costumes. Players are given the option to select them when starting a new game or round. When selected, all costumes change based on the set, there is no option to change each character's costume individually or during mid game.

If the player has kept the tactical vest and chooses the Default costume set, Leon will have the vest on and not his jacket.

Special 1Edit

Set "Special 1" is unlocked by completing the game.

RPD costume (RE4)

Leon will appear in a R.P.D. uniform. This is an updated version of his outfit from Resident Evil 2. The R.P.D. outfit has the same effects as the Tactical Vest (shaving 30% of all damage taken). The tactical vest itself can also be worn to stop 60% of damage. This effect is not present in the Wii and HD re-release versions.

Ashley Graham Alt

Ashley will appear in a white and red-trimmed pop star outfit.

Ada will appear clad in black combat gear. It also has the butterfly icon on her shoulder that is also present on her default dress. This is the same costume she wears during the Assignment Ada minigame.

Special 2Edit

"Special 2" is not available in the Gamecube version. For all other version it is unlocked by completing Separate Ways.


Leon S. Kennedy will appear as a gangster outfit complete with a red tie, fedora, gloves, and a white scarf. This will also reskin his knife into a switchblade. This will also change the appearance of the Chicago Typewriter; the magazine will be changed to a ammo drum. Special animations are given to Leon when reloading the Chicago Typewriter: reloading results in Leon adjusting his hat. Reloading a four times in a row results in Leon performing a trick where he throws his hat up and catches it. The gangster outfit reduces enemy damage by 60% and when combined with the Tactical Vest, reduces 90% damage. Again the effect is not present in the Wii and HD re-release versions.

Leon and Ashley Extra Costumes

Ashley Graham appears in a complete medieval suit of armor. Only part of her face can be seen normally. When aiming a gun at her the face protection lowers itself. The suit makes her invincible to enemy attack. She also can not be picked up by enemies as they will immediately drop her. When Leon catches Ashley from a fall, he will flinch from the massive weight.

Game modesEdit

All extra game modes are unlocked by completing the game once. They are;

The Mercenaries - An arcade style minigame where the player can play as different characters to kill enemies within a time limit and aim for a high score.

Assignment: Ada - A short non-canon scenario where the player controls Ada and must collect plaga samples. She has her own starting equipment and it takes place on the beginning parts of the island.

Separate Ways - A large 5 chapter canon scenario that shows Ada's actions during the maingame. The player can save during the game and visit the Merchant.

Movie browserEdit

An option that allowed players to rewatch cutscenes. All the maingame scenes are added once the game is complete and then, all the Separate Ways scenes are added once that game mode is completed. This is not available in the Gamecube version.

Ada's ReportEdit

Ada's Report is a short series of video reports by Ada. There are five and each one is unlocked by completing a chapter of Separate Ways.

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