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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)
Biographical information
Date of birth:1960s[1]
Race/Nationality:Asian/Japanese [1]
Occupation:U.S.S. Delta Team "Wolfpack" Recon[1]
Physical description
Blood type:O+[1]
First appearance:Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Voice:Andrew Kishino
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"Don't let that cop get away! Kill him! "
— VECTOR as Wolfpack pursues Leon S. Kennedy.[2]

"VECTOR" is the codename of a covert operative who served in the ranks of the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary division of the Umbrella Corporation. Prior to the Raccoon City outbreak of September 1998, VECTOR was assigned as a recon to the newly constituted U.S.S. Delta Team, nicknamed "Wolfpack". Like the other members of Wolfpack, VECTOR's uniform was heavily customized, both in technology and appearance. The suit's unique features included a built-in active camouflage, enabling the wearer to become invisible for a short period of time, and technology that allowed him to mimic another person's appearance as well. Trained in martial arts by fellow U.S.S. agent HUNK and several Japanese masters, VECTOR's fighting prowess – particularly in knife combat – was held in high regard by his superiors.

When much of the population of Raccoon City became infected by the t-Virus, VECTOR and his teammates were ordered by U.S.S. Command to carry out Operation: Raccoon City. Their assignment held the highest priority as the company's very survival depended on Wolfpack's success. In addition to various side missions, Wolfpack was given two main objectives:

  1. To destroy any and all evidence that could potentially damage Umbrella's public relations.
  2. To kill anyone in their way (R.P.D. officers, U.S. government soldiers, and any survivor of the outbreak).


Little is known about the background of the operative known as "VECTOR;" his true name and origin remain a mystery. After becoming employed in the ranks of Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary unit and subsidiary branch of the Umbrella Corporation, VECTOR was sent to Rockfort Island where he honed his skills as a soldier. Having developed a highly lethal proficiency in martial artistry – especially in knife combat – under several Japanese masters, VECTOR's fighting prowess was ultimately noticed by HUNK, one of Umbrella's best operatives who took a special interest in the new recruit's potential. After VECTOR fought HUNK in single hand-to-hand combat to a draw, the U.S.S. veteran personally oversaw the young trainee's progress.

Once his training was complete, VECTOR proved to be one of Umbrella's most effective assets; his achievements-in-the-field were matched only by his former mentor, HUNK. The Corporation noted how his movements were instinctive and smooth, in contrast to his motionless behavior when at rest. Given his skills in stealth and reconnaissance, Umbrella determined that VECTOR was ideal for the role of recon in the reformed U.S.S. Delta Team; the previous unit having been annihilated during an assignment on the Ecliptic Express. Although VECTOR and HUNK preferred to continue working together as they had a low tolerance for anyone of lesser skill, the company felt that their interests would be better served by distributing their two top assets into separate teams, rather than focusing them both in a single unit. Hence, VECTOR was assigned to fellow U.S.S. operatives LUPO, BERTHA, FOUR EYES, SPECTRE, and BELTWAY in the new Delta Team, otherwise known as "Wolfpack."

In late 1998, Wolfpack was dispatched to assist the U.S.S. Alpha Team, led by HUNK, during its infiltration of a secret research facility located beneath the midwestern American urban area of Raccoon City. Although VECTOR initially had misgivings about his superiors' orders to kill the facility's U.B.C.S. guards, given that they also worked for Umbrella Corporation, he was nevertheless pleased to be serving alongside his former master once again. Their primary objective was to retrieve a sample of the experimental G-Virus from its creator, Doctor William Birkin, a rogue scientist who betrayed the company by plotting to sell the G-Virus to the United States government. Although both teams successfully obtained Virus, Birkin – infected by his own creation – ambushed the group, killing most of HUNK's Alpha Team. Evading the mutated scientist, HUNK ordered VECTOR and the rest of Wolfpack to evacuate the facility while he remained behind to complete the mission.

In the week that followed the incident in the underground laboratory, Raccoon City was devastated by the effects of Umbrella's t-Virus, which had managed to escape into the city's population, most of which died from the infection and became reanimated as "zombies." In order to ensure Umbrella's survival, U.S.S. Command determined that nothing could be allowed to link the company to the catastrophe that destroyed an entire city. Hence, VECTOR and his team were deployed for the commencement of Operation: Raccoon City, which entailed nothing less than the extermination of any kind of evidence, including survivors, that could potentially implicate Umbrellla Corporation in a number of "morally questionable activities," such as illegal experimentation and viral weaponry.


VECTOR is described as the "Recon" Class.

"Vector's file remains largely confidential, his true identity hidden. Training at Rockfort Island he developed his lethal martial art ability and elite skill for reconnaissance. As a covert operative, his achievements in-the-field are only matched by his former master, HUNK."

VECTOR's brutal kills will have him deliver a kick to the back of a targeted enemy's leg and then proceeds to slit their throat. If done on a Spec Ops soldier, VECTOR will then mimic them. His ability gauge will not empty unless he actually mimics an enemy soldier.

His defaultly selected weapon in the character select menu is the Submachine Gun and the weapon he uses while as an AI will be the Tactical SMG.

When reviving a dead teammate he will say "Come on, you're good now, stay alert".

His alternate color in the USS Wolfpack Uniforms DLC is a red mask and blue uniform.


Ability Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passive Abilities
Stealth Run
Stealth Run
Increases your movement speed by [x]% and reduces the sound of your footsteps allowing you to sprint without being detected on enemy mini-maps. 5%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Detection Avoidance
Detection Avoidance
Allows you to avoid being detected on enemy mini-maps while moving at less than [x]% of your maximum speed. 50%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Active Abilities
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
(ability button) throws a Motion Detector towards the reticle that sticks onto any surface and displays enemies on the mini-map within [15] meters. Enemy soldiers that trigger the Motion Detector are stunned. (aiming stick) deactivates a Motion Detector. Ammo: [x] Ammo: 1
[750 XP]
Ammo: 2
[2000 XP]
Ammo: 3
[5000 XP]
(ability button) can be used after an eligible target has been indicated by the reticle to transform you into them. Mimicry lasts for [x] seconds and restores after [20] seconds. 30 seconds; 33%
[750 XP]
60 seconds; 50%
[2000 XP]
90 seconds; 67%
[5000 XP]
Active Camuflage
Active Camouflage
(ability button) cloaks you to infiltrate and eliminate enemies without being detected. Some B.O.W.s can still sense your presence, so be careful. Active Camouflage lasts for [x] seconds and replenishes after [45] seconds. 10 seconds
[1250 XP]
15 seconds
[2500 XP]
20 seconds
[5500 XP]

With Detection Avoidance level 3, sprinting will still cause you to appear unless you also have the Stealth Run ability.

VECTOR's Active Camouflage cloak will begin to distort when firing weapons or taking damage.

Further NotesEdit

  • According to Mission 3 of the ARG, during training, VECTOR managed to break out of HUNK's neck breaker and then flip over HUNK using HUNK's arm to lift himself up.
  • Whenever a player uses his Mimicry ability, they become a holographic version of the person. You can only mimic a Spec Ops member or an Echo Six Spec Ops Unit Operative. If he takes damage though, the mimic disguise will wear off. VECTOR still has his normal voice when mimicking anyone, even females.
  • According to clue 9 of Inserted Evil, VECTOR killed Ian Sider, the whistle-blower behind the ARG.



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